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Nov 20

Five years of blogging

When I started this blog on November 13, 2007 I expected it to be a scanned picture, a pithy caption and hoped readers were interested. Fairly quickly into it I could tell from the comments that readers wanted more than a brief caption, they were interested in the stories. Turns out I was too, and …

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Apr 23

I h8 Spam!

Due to excessive spambot activity I have reluctantly disabled comments on all posts over 14 days old. When we can work out a better technical solution I’ll be happy to open things back up again but with over 1,000 spam comments to moderate this morning I have had my fill of  tinned comments. Regular readers …

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Jan 31

Return of the missing blog posts

Thanks to ace HTML, and CSS ninja and web consultant Danny Thorogood most of what we lost in the hard drive glitch has been recovered. The bad news is comments from January-November 2011 remain lost. If you find a comment missing it was not due to any editorial decision but due to the crash. The …

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Nov 18

Three years of blogging

Files of clippings, boxes of negatives and spools of microfilm are the source for material too old to be in our electronic archive. Photo by David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Chances are you’re a loyal reader of Photos From the Vault if you have landed on this page. Today’s headline does not involve a celebrity, murder, politics, disaster, war, or naked women. Chances are you did not enter this page via an Internet search engine; you came here because you wanted to see what was …

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