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Apr 18

Titanic Sinks, Telegram swims

News of the Titanic sinking reaches San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram, April 16, 1912.

C.L. Day the new editor and manager of the San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram was desperately bailing water, trying to keep his ship from sinking. He had just bought the debt saddled Telegram five days  a little over a month earlier on March 11, 1912. The paper needed a lot of work. Founded as a temperance advocate …

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Jun 21

Klaxon horn, Ford, Studebaker, Maxwell early cars

May 6, 1916 Daily Telegram Automobile page

C.L. Day purchased the Daily Telegram after a journalism career working his way up to an editorship in Long Beach.  Clarence Leonard Day bought the failing paper in March of 1912 and took the title president. Founded as a temperance booster the Telegram  was now $7,000 in debt and the stockholders had spent $35,000 (according …

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