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May 19

Camp Roberts Rodeo, Camp San Luis explosives, World War II week by week

German troops were surrendering in Tunisia May 10, 1943 in this newspaper headline from the Telegram-Tribune.

Even a break in training for war could be deadly as seen in this excerpt from a May 10, 1943 story. Col. Hank Partin, of the Lemoore air base, was saved from death or serious injury yesterday in the Camp Roberts rodeo by the quick action of Dogie Davidson, a merchant marine, when he was …

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Mar 10

Mining Chrome, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune headlines about the war and rationing from Feb. 24, 1943.

Of the 20 headlined stories and briefs on the front page Feb. 24, 1943 only three were not related to the war, wartime rationing and production. Camp Roberts awarded two contracts for housing and a third was launched a week ago. Dorm units, temporary dwelling units and a trailer park site would add 495 units …

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Oct 29

Camp Roberts bought, World War II week by week

Camp Roberts was purchased for the U.S. Army in this Oct. 8, 1942 story in the Telegram-Tribune.

Camp Roberts land was about to be purchased according to a story in the October 8, 1942 Telegram-Tribune. The property, 47,500 acres was under lease to the War Department from Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust Company. Though the government had the right to lease the property year to year through 1946 it was deemed …

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Aug 10

Invasion of Guadalcanal, World War II week by week

August 8, 1942 Telegram-Tribune front page, documenting the execution of six German saboteurs.

We live in a different world today than the one of 70 years ago. Contrast the observations of two Pulitzer Prize winning authors. Just before America entered World War II the nation was woefully unprepared. President Franklin Roosevelt was afraid to get too far ahead of public opinion. In a nation recovering from the Great …

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Aug 05

Deaths on the home front, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune front page from August 4, 1942. Headlines from Stalingrad and about a mysterious local death.

The 31 days in August 1942 marked a number of service related deaths for men who would never make it to the front lines. The Central Coast would be home to some of the largest training facilities in the world and even training could be deadly. A soldier died of heat stroke at Camp Roberts. …

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