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Jun 22

Camp San Luis soldiers volunteer, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune headlines from June 22, 1943.

A number of Camp San Luis Obispo soldiers volunteered to work in local hay fields. Farmers were short of labor between the demands of the draft and high wages in wartime industries. Detroit was recovering from race riots that had killed 26. One trouble spot had been the Packard Motor Car Co. where white employes …

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May 27

Attu Invasion, Memorial Day, World War II week by week

May 29, 1943 Telegram-Tribune

Camp San Luis Obispo dedicated the 12,000 capacity Camp Amphitheater on Memorial Day 70 years ago after a formal parade. In San Luis Obispo services began with a 9 a.m. event at the IOOF Lawn cemetery where speaker of the day was Judge Ray B. Lyon. As flags unfurled and bands played at home, American …

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May 19

Camp Roberts Rodeo, Camp San Luis explosives, World War II week by week

German troops were surrendering in Tunisia May 10, 1943 in this newspaper headline from the Telegram-Tribune.

Even a break in training for war could be deadly as seen in this excerpt from a May 10, 1943 story. Col. Hank Partin, of the Lemoore air base, was saved from death or serious injury yesterday in the Camp Roberts rodeo by the quick action of Dogie Davidson, a merchant marine, when he was …

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May 17

Cuesta College builds a campus

Cuesta College was moving to new buildings in 1976 after  early years in World War II surplus buildings.

Cuesta College celebrates 50 years this year and the first major milestone was when voters approved bonds to finance building a brand new facility to replace the 30-year-old wood frame military barracks. This story is from June 5, 1976. Story by Kay Ready Buildings—once whitewashed enlisted men’s quarters for Camp San Luis Obispo, now paint-chipped …

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May 11

Dance regulations wanted in San Luis Obispo, World War II week by week

Headlines from the April 20, 1943 Telegram-Tribune.

High spirited young men heading off to war didn’t always make the best neighbors. From May 20, 1943 Telegram-Tribune Citizens Demand Action of Policing of Dance The San Luis Obispo city council last night acting on a request contained in a petition signed by 36 citizens, arranged with civilian and army authorities that the Saturday …

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Mar 10

Mining Chrome, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune headlines about the war and rationing from Feb. 24, 1943.

Of the 20 headlined stories and briefs on the front page Feb. 24, 1943 only three were not related to the war, wartime rationing and production. Camp Roberts awarded two contracts for housing and a third was launched a week ago. Dorm units, temporary dwelling units and a trailer park site would add 495 units …

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Sep 23

Gas Rationing, Amphitheater Construction- World War II week by week

The battle of Stalingrad raged on as San Luis Obispo dedicated a new Odd Fellows hall. Telegram-Tribune Sept. 18, 1942

Sept. 10, 1942 Gas rationing was the recommendation of committee charged with managing the nation’s rubber supply. They reported to President Roosevelt that a national speed limit of 35 miles an hour was needed and they wanted to reduce the annual national average driving distance from 6,700 to 5,000 miles. According to 2011 statistics from …

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Aug 05

Deaths on the home front, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune front page from August 4, 1942. Headlines from Stalingrad and about a mysterious local death.

The 31 days in August 1942 marked a number of service related deaths for men who would never make it to the front lines. The Central Coast would be home to some of the largest training facilities in the world and even training could be deadly. A soldier died of heat stroke at Camp Roberts. …

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Jan 28

Japanese internment resolutions, Baywood Park gets electricity-World War II week by week

The 70th anniversary of Baywood Park getting electricity. World War II headlines from January 28, 1942.

The United States had been fighting for seven weeks and the news was bad everywhere in the Pacific and in much of Europe and Africa. The plain facts were that America was woefully under-prepared and losing. In a misguided attempt to focus rage, governments from the local to national level were lashing out at the …

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Jan 07

Salinas Dam water tunnel completed under Cuesta Grade, World War II week by week

After tunneling toward each other since early July from opposite sides of the mountain just west of the Cuesta, William Ward, foreground, and Bob Becham, right, congratulate themselves upon holing through last week. Thirty-nine men worked in three daily shifts in each portal of the mile long tunnel which will serve Camp San Luis Obispo and San Luis Obispo with water from the Upper Salinas river dam. The tunnel is six and one-half feet by eight and one-half feet and will be concrete lined. Joe DeMillita is superintendent of operations. Photo by Rodney Johnson

The year dawned with news of American and Philippine troops trying to hold ground against repeated attacks. Manila and the naval base at Cavite fell into Japanese hands as Allied troops formed a line at the top of Bataan Peninsula. This and the fortified island of Corregidor would deny use of Manila Bay to the …

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