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Jan 05

Studebaker cars, New! Beautiful! Exciting!

The 1964 Studebaker model year was introduced in Sept. 1963.

My friend Shawn Turner informs me that John Studebaker made money in the California gold fields making wheelbarrows for miners. He worked there from 1853-1858 when he returned to South Bend, Indiana and joined his brothers in the buggy and wagon business. Studebaker made the transition to automotive manufacture but by the mid-1960s the line …

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Jan 14

Corvair by Chevrolet

1965 Corvair advertisement

Chevrolet took a page out of the Volkswagen playbook with quirky ads for Corvair.

Oct 05

Advertising antennas, cars and cameras

September 10, 1970 Detroit has an erratic track record when it comes to small cars. The demise of the Saturn nameplate was recently announced. The Pinto was an effort by Ford to compete with Volkswagen. The ad copy mentions the German import by name twice. They also compare the rack and pinion steering to Porsche …

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