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Sep 24

Shanghi Low no longer part of the skyline

ODD MIX: Chris Cothard stands outside his Palindromes pizza restaurant beneath the historical but unrelated "Chop Suey' sign. He says it has misled and angered some customers. The photo was from a story published Nov. 25, 1996 ©Telegram-Tribune/Jayson Mellom

Thirteen years after the following story was written the Shanghi Low building is laid low. The area is part of the Copeland’s Chinatown redevelopment slated for much of this block. On May 12, 1999 Telegram-Tribune reporter Mike Stover wrote about plans to knock down the brick building with the Shanghi Low Chop Suey sign on …

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Jul 11

The Chinese temple in Cambria

The former Chinese temple in Cambria in 1980. ©The Tribune

A century-old lost coin leads to the rediscovery of what was once the centerpiece of a long-gone community. Historical buildings are often taken for granted and allowed to slip away. Sometimes it is an attempt to erase our past; sometimes the culprit is neglect or a lack of money. All three causes intersect in an …

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Jul 07

Segregation in San Luis Obispo, World War II week by week

Headlines from July 7, 1942 in the Telegram-Tribune.

Nazi troops led by General Rommel were threatening to take Cairo, Egypt. They hoped to drive the British out of North Africa and open the way to the rich oil fields of the Middle East. Russian troops were also on the defensive as attacks pressed for a city renamed in honor of the Soviet leader, …

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May 20

Tea grows in China

November 27, 1875 ad for Ah Louis' Chinese Labor Agency & Store!

1876 The Fox network may tell you otherwise but immigration is not a new issue. Fear of “others” has always been a quick way to gather a mob, er, viewers or subscribers. Fresh flowers were on graves from New Orleans to Gettysburg.  Civil War veterans still marched in parades recognizing their fight, in part, for …

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