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Jul 29

Union Hardware Store ad

1957 Union Hardware Store ad.

There aren’t may left. Most of the little local hardware stores have been absorbed by the big box home improvement and national superstores. No weekend is complete without a trip to the hardware store; I even made 4 trips during my vacation. O.K. I may have a problem. This advertisement from June 6, 1957 for …

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Sep 17

Palace Barber Shop

Palace barbershop in San Luis Obispo on Chorro St. circa 1912-13. ©The Tribune

Palace Barber Shop…This interior shot of an old San Luis Obispo landmark was taken sometime between 1912 and 1913. John Fourcade is the bootblack putting a high gloss on Louie Angellini’s shoes. Joe Rodrigues is the first barber, Oscar Lusi is the second barber and B. Johnson is the third barber. The fourth barber is …

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Jun 07

Tribune motorized press

A page from the August 7, 1969 Centennial Edition of the Telegram-Tribune.

The article below published in the special section celebrating 100th anniversary of the Telegram-Tribune. The Tribune was the older paper, founded in 1869 to support the Republican party and more specifically the judicial aspirations of editor Walter Murray. Benjamin Brooks, another attorney,  took over the Tribune in 1885 and saved it from dire financial straits …

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Apr 07

Chong’s homemade candies

Early day candy-making stove used by Chong may become a planter and be on display at the new Archimedia store in the Chong building. Published Jan. 4, 1979. Photo by Wayne Nicholls ©2010 The Tribune

Richard Chong’s home made candy store has been fondly remembered by regular readers of this column. The brick building at the corner of Palm and Chorro streets was a favorite stop for many. There were several articles in the file. My favorite was this one was published November 28, 1974 written by Telegram-Tribune staff writer …

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