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Nov 22

Santa Claus is coming, San Luis Obispo ad 1875

Christmas ad from Nov. 21, 1875 San Luis Obispo Tribune.

One thing I am thankful for, I won’t be shopping Black Friday. I tend to be a last second shopper so if you are one of those who hits the mall early, good luck. Some like to grouse about the commercialization of Christmas. I tend to look at it as a slice of Americana. Advertising …

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Dec 20

Larger than Life Holiday cards from Princeton Place

1966 era holiday cards in yards on Princeton Place. ©The Tribune

Apparently it was a holiday tradition in 1966ish to post cards in the yards at Princeton Place in San Luis Obispo. On the edge of one of the photos you can see the photographer using a spotlight to help fill in the dark corners of a night time photo. Prepare to explain to future generations …

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Dec 24

The first Christmas in San Luis Obispo County

The Los Osos Mural Portola's Sacred Expedition depicts a grizzily bear being  shot. ©The Tribune/ Joe Johnston

You might guess it was held at one of the Missions but that guess would be wrong. To tell the story let’s bring in veteran reporter and former city editor Elliot Curry. He wrote a column called After Deadline for the then Telegram-Tribune in the late 60s and early 70s. Much of the time the …

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Dec 17

Las Posadas at Mission San Miguel

San Miguel school chldren and a Franciscan padre, from a 1968 picture of San Miguel's Las Posadas celebration. Republished Dec.11, 1976 ©The Tribune

I surprised at how far back some of our images go. Was there was a Tribune photographer at the scene 2,000 years ago for biggest story of the B.C. era? Historians might quibble with the details. Mary and Joseph look a little young. Yes, and the Franciscan order was not founded until 1221 A.D. Another …

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Dec 14

The Golden era of toy repair

Christmas toy repair, 196? ©The Tribune

Toys used to last longer. My dad and uncles built bridges with an Erector Set that a generation later was entertaining their sons. Some time during our lifetime toy makers discovered plastic and the idea that kids have no sense of quality. Metal tricycles were replaced with plastic Big Wheels that looked cool under the …

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Dec 09

Helicopter Santa rides again

Kim Baker, 5, and Jeff, 7, join Santa in his sleigh/helicopter at the Grover City Holiday Parade. Published Dec. 6, 1987 ©The Tribune

I’ve heard of helicopter parents, but helicopter Santa? I prefer the horse or reindeer powered commuter in red myself. Our web team has assembled a gallery of photos from holidays past.

Dec 01

1964 Christmas gift guide

Telegram-Tribune ad December 11, 1964 for Buy Rite Drug Store

Remember the 6 foot tall stainless aluminum trees? They always looked best when you had a color wheel light that would change the color of the tree every few seconds. A real bargain at $4.66. Famous Barbie & Ken dolls, 20% off marked prices. If it Mattel it’s swell! Poor Ken, always got second billing …

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Dec 13

Post office Christmas rush 1968

Waiting in line at the main post office on Marsh St. in 1968.

Christmas rush at the post office 1968.

Dec 11

1966 Christmas


1966 This image was too good to pass up. A boatload of vintage cars, including in my imperfect car identification,  Corvair, T-Bird, Imperial, Chevy and Rambler. Add to this classic decorations on the boulevard strung between a forest of telegraph poles. Only problem is I don’t know anything about the image. Jack Wilson and Jim …

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Dec 22

1964 Christmas Parade, Monterey St.


ALL WRAPPED UP… John Somogyi gift wrapped himself for San Luis Obispo Christmas parade. December 14, 1964 Photographers go to a lot of parades. I mean we photograph a LOT of parades. The late-lamented Mardi Gras, a great parade. Epic. It had creativity, color, energy and the understanding that if you have a parade at …

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