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Feb 06

Isobutane tanker cars derail, Grover Beach evacuated

Southern Pacific tanker derailment forces evacuation in what is now Grover Beach. August 11, 1986 edition of the then Telegram-Tribune.

If things went wrong, we were dead, along with everyone in sight around us. Isobutane is unforgiving. A liquid under pressure, it becomes a gas when the pressure is released, making it a fuel for camp stoves or cigarette lighters. At the scene of an isobutane train derailment in what was then Grover City on …

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Oct 27

Mike Krukow Cal Poly pitcher-Giants broadcaster

Krukow was returning to the team from arthroscopic surgery when this photo was made. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune published 4-21-1989

Can a Giants fan and Dodger fan get along? Sports writer Dan Ruthemeyer and I put the question to the test eight years ago when we went to observe San Luis Obispo resident Mike Krukow as he broadcast an evening game. To Dodger fan Dan’s credit he came up with the idea. Getting a chance …

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Jun 04


Bob Lowry displays some of the mementos from his military career. The D-Day veteran lives in Nipomo. The Tribune/David Middlecamp 5-23-1994

It is an easy trap, looking back at historical events, and thinking that the outcome was inevitable. Those who lived through it know better. Sixty-six years ago Bob Lowry was among the British and American troops storming the beaches of Normandy. His division was assigned to Omaha Beach, one of five code named beaches in …

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Jan 29

Bruce Davis, former Manson Family member on path to parole

Former  Manson Family member Bruce Davis listens to the decision of a parole board at his 20th parole hearing. Davis was convicted in March 1972. David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Three followers of notorious cult leader Charles Manson have been housed at California Men’s Colony, Charles “Tex” Watson, Bobby Beausoleil and Bruce Davis. The Manson Family, as the members were described, were involved in at least nine Southern California murders in 1969. Bruce Davis, now 67, was convicted for involvement in the murders of musician …

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Oct 22

Loma Prieta Earthquake 20 years

  October 17, 1989 At the time I thought it was the best chance for the Giants to take a game in the World Series. The first two starting pitchers for the Athletics had dominated their games but the game 3 match-up at Candlestick Park held promise for Giants fans. I had just finished work …

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Aug 16

Charles “Tex” Watson Wedding, the Manson murders 40 years later


Blood marked the end of the 1960′s. Some view the fatal stabbing of a concert fan at Altamont as the end to the era of hippie peace and love. Others point to the gruesome series of Los Angeles area murders carried out in August by the followers of Charles Manson. There are pages of links …

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May 10

The Class of 2000, Sue Babcock Retires

September 12, 1987 It began in Room 1 of Sinsheimer Elementary School over 20 years ago. City editor Mike Stover came up with the idea. Mike had the crazed or inspired idea to follow the same group of kids from kindergarten to graduation in the year 2000. We were a little mad when USA Today …

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Apr 26

Dennis Duane Webb sentenced to death


Devout Christians and young parents, John Rainwater, 25, and wife Lori, 22, were managing a 14-unit lodge in Atascadero when a parolee from the Utah prison system broke into their home.He had been at the door of the Rainwater apartment a few days before pretending to be interested in a rental. Now it was late …

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Mar 29

Arco Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant

 September 10, 1987 San Luis Obispo County used to be home of the world’s largest solar-cell power station. Built by an oil company in 1983, the view of the Arco solar power plant was an eerie combination of age-old scenes of sheep grazing and science fiction technology. Every few minutes the silence of the Carrizo …

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Nov 14

Remembering Rileys department store, San Luis Obispo

    Former owner Ross Humphrey, left, and tearful manager Kim Humphrey thanked staff Sunday at closing time as 105 year old local department store, Rileys closed for the last time. January 31, 1993 Rileys department store was a major shopping destination for five generations. They were the last department store downtown and the last …

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