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May 02

McPhee University Union under construction, Cal Poly 1968

Cal Poly campus just before Poly Royal in April 1968. The University Union building was under construction, the Performing Arts Center was a lawn an Perimeter Road was a road.
circa April 25, 1968 © David Ranns/Telegram-Tribune

Mar 23

Underwater Easter egg hunt Morro Bay


When this story was first posted in Photos From the Vault the original 1968 story was not included. Family Editor Linnea Waltz wrote this story April 11, 1968: MORRO BAY— Clear water, warm weather and eager kids demonstrated togetherness Tuesday afternoon at the Morro Bay High School pool. The idea was to get as many …

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Dec 12

Drive through urban planning and Mission Plaza

Mission Plaza 11-10-1970 shortly before dedication, trees are small but the basic construction is done. ©The Tribune/David Ranns

Urban planning is a complex business. Change requires vision, political skill, money and sometimes an out of control egg truck. An ironic turn when you think about it. The town that has outlawed drive through businesses has its most beloved public space courtesy of an unintended drive through. An unbylined story that sounds like the …

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May 28

Texaco Tanker at Estero Bay


For much of the 20th century the Central Coast was a hub for oil transportation. Union Oil, Chevron and Texaco all had facilities that provided the link between tankers and the rich oil fields inland. It used to be a frequent sight to see tankers at Estero Bay north of Morro Bay or at the …

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May 14

Cuesta amphitheater floral fashion show

Saucy hat tops spring ensemble in this 1969 fashion show. ©2010 The Tribune/David Ranns

Fashion shows were a staple event covered by the then Telegram-Tribune in the 1960s. It seemed like every week or two an organization was putting on a show. Styles were changing rapidly through the decade drawing from many sources. Early in the decade John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline brought a sense of fashion …

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Apr 09

Avila Beach


May 30, 1968 The summer season was beginning at Avila Beach. Much has changed since 1968. Union Oil tanks are gone, the old rust roofed buildings are gone and the restrooms and sidewalk have been changed. On the other hand, folks still come to the beach for sun and lifeguards scan the horizon for trouble. …

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Jan 25

Monterey Street closed

Mission Plaza is born as Monterey Street is closed. David Ranns photo

This Telegram-Tribune front page has been posted here before, but I just found the negatives for the photo. It is hard to imagine the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa without the plaza but a street was the front porch for many almost two centuries. It was a hard fought battle. Public issues often take …

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Sep 20

7SM Chinchilla Farm

November 10, 1968 Back in the glamor days of Hollywood you would often see stars wearing fur on the society pages. Today those stars are often activists for animal rights and would not be caught wearing a fur coat. When I started my career there was a store downtown that sold fur coats but protesters …

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Jul 07

Wheel Estate, mobile home living

I had just moved in and was meeting neighbors when I made an unpardonable faux pas. “It’s not a trailer, its a mobile home,” he informed me with a snort. Sorry man. The truth is that with several hours hours of prep, wheels and axels can be bolted on and my house is gone at …

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Jun 26

Fast facts on fad food fondue


Telegram-Tribune wire editor David Verbon practices fondue fork technique taught by Cal Poly home economics instructor Connie Breazeale. October 24, 1968 You’ve heard of fast food? This is fad food. Fondue. One of the famed fads of the late 1960′s and early 70′s. San Luis Obispo even had a restaurant with this menu item. I …

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