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Jun 17

Paso Robles land rush 1982

Prospective land buyers lined up for free breakfast in Paso Robles Saturday morning. Hot air balloon marked the sale site. ©Phil Dirkx/The Tribune.

This week the Tribune publishes a five part series on water. The seeds for the issue were being planted in the late 20th Century as Paso Robles expanded to the east side of the Salinas River. The property values seem economical when you look back 30 years but property buyers at the time also had …

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Jun 14

1990 Development in Paso Robles

A carpenter is hard at work on a tract house that's going up along Bridgegate Lane just off South River Road in Paso Robles.
©The Tribune/David Middlecamp

Water has been the keystone to new development in the county for decades. Drought conditions slowed an accelerated pace of development in obviously water limited coastal communities. Paso Robles was another story. In 1989 Paso Robles set a record for new home construction in the county. In a March 1, 1990 article the town was …

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Jul 08

San Luis Obispo Map, 1941

Map of San Luis Obispo from 1941 published in the Telegram-Tribune on July 4, 1941. Old maps fascinate me and this one shows San Luis Obispo of 70 years ago. Population in 1940 was 8,881 and after two decades of not much change the population was about to explode. The page contains no explanation as …

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Apr 28

Pismo Beach — Town of Opportunity, Lots only $500

January 5, 1924 Ever since the Gold Rush the state of California has been the Promised Land for dreamers and schemers. A reason state budgets here are so difficult to craft is that over the course of a decade the population can change radically. For example in the 1980′s California’s population increased by 6.1 million …

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Jan 14

Shell Beach 1964

    June 26, 1964 Telegram-Tribune photo by Jack Wilson UPDATE Everyone who guessed Shell Beach was correct and now that I have learned to operate the microfilm reader, blog entries should have better information. The demonstration was a protest, though so mild by today’s standards I missed it on my first look. Shell Beach …

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