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Feb 20

1875 Advertising in the San Luis Obispo Tribune

Feb. 6, 1875 San Luis Obispo Tribune is all advertising on the front page.

In recent years there has been some debate among newspapers about advertising placement. Should advertising slots be sold on the front page? Stickers, wraps, inserts, special bags, the advertising world wants something to give their message an edge. Sometimes called the fourth estate, the founding fathers saw the unfettered flow of information via journalism as …

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Feb 02

Murray Adobe in Mission Plaza

The first edition of the Tribune was printed here August 7, 1869. The Murray Adobe is much smaller than it was a few years earlier. The subject of the next posting.
©Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune Nov. 20, 1973

The previous two posts showed what the in the 1960s. By 1973 only the lean-to portion remained, the main house replaced by an arbor. What happened? The answer next week. By now you may recognize the building as the Murray Adobe, law office of Tribune founding editor Walter Murray. It is in Mission Plaza between …

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Dec 20

George Staniford, Tribune and Breeze Editor

George Breck Staniford - Photo courtesy King David's Masonic Lodge of San Luis Obispo.

They could have been bitter rivals. Benjamin Brooks was the long time editor of The Tribune. George Staniford had owned The Tribune before Brooks and later owned a competing paper the Breeze. Both held high office in the Masonic lodge. Often rival newspapers of the era engaged in ugly personal attacks between editors and some …

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Oct 31

Horatio S. Rembaugh takes over the Tribune

The Tribune has had competition for all but 8 of the over 140 years it has been published. As founder Walter Murray turned the reins of ownership over to his partner Horatio Southgate Rembaugh both wrote editorials reviewing the contentious early history of the paper. Murray’s column is linked here. Both the San Luis Obispo …

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Oct 29

Walter Murray retires from journalism after founding the Tribune

It was an open secret. Everyone in town knew Walter Murray was the founding editor of The San Luis Obispo Tribune. Competitors criticized Murray by name on an almost weekly basis. But the first edition the Tribune in August 1869 showed H.S. Rembaugh and Co. as the publisher. Except for a failed ownership change for …

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Sep 12

The Telegram-Tribune building falls over, or did it jump?

Model T cars can be seen in the showroom window. The former W.T. Reid Ford dealership at 1240 Morro Street would later be a newspaper office from 1924-1958 including the Telegram-Tribune. ©The Tribune

Can a brick and mortar building have feelings or a soul? Long time writer Elliot Curry wrote an elegy for the former home of the Telegram-Tribune on Nov. 11, 1967: After deadline T-T’s old home coming down Another “deadline has come around at 1240 Morro Street. The old home of the Telegram-Tribune is coming down. …

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Sep 04

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, Tribune editor

Horatio Southgate Rembaugh, was the public face of the Tribune when it was founded in 1869. The photo is circa 1910. Photo courtesy Stacy McKitrick.

Horatio S. Rembaugh traveled many miles before he set out to California, arriving in San Luis Obispo just in time to help publish the first edition of the Tribune. Born in Philadelphia August 3, 1840 he would never know his mother. Ann Rembaugh died within 9 months of Horatio’s birth. The fourth and last child …

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Aug 28

Early days of the Tribune


From the first edition August 7, 1869 and for almost 8 years Horatio Southgate Rembaugh was the common thread in the management of the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Except for an unfortunate three-month interlude under the ownership of James J. Ayers, the Tribune would be associated with H.S. Rembaugh. Either as the announced owner, actual …

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Aug 01

J.J. Ayers, The Tribune’s second editor, family details

James J. Ayers wrote an editorial when he took over The San Luis Obispo Tribune. in October 1871. Of the dozen or more papers he worked at, owned or founded this would be one of his shortest tenures.

The previous two postings on former Tribune editor and western journalist J.J. Ayers were woefully skimpy on details from his personal life. His observations of life in the Gold Rush west leave out all family details. By scraping information from digitized newspapers and books from the era a more complete picture emerges of the pioneer …

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Jul 25

James J. Ayers, western journalist, Tribune editor part 2

James J. Ayers photo from his book Gold and Sunshine, Reminiscences of Early California. He founded the San Franscico Morning Call and briefly was publisher-editor of the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

James J. Ayers holds the record for shortest tenure as editor-publisher of The Tribune, October-December 1871. He was the second editor, of the then weekly newspaper. Taking over for founder Walter Murray who wanted to devote more time to pursue a judicial career. He would also be the second editor born in Great Britain. Murray …

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