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Nov 03

California elections, World War II week by week

Nov. 3, 1942 Telegram-Tribune headlines the election and war in Africa.

Even during a war that required a concentrated effort from society, elections were held. California voters had to wade through 18 propositions in addition to major state government seats. (Preliminary returns show Prop. 6 – Establishment of a board of forestry, appears to be winning, Prop. 5 – Pay raises for legislators, loses and Prop. …

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Sep 06

Election turn out counts, winning by one vote

Pismo Beach Mayor Nebb Eldwayen savors his single-vote victory over Scovil Hubbard. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

It is easy to get lazy or cynical about elections. All of that political hype and advertising makes me want to pull the plug on the television, telephone and Teletype. Yes, I have a Teletype in every billiard room of my mobile home. All newspaper employees do. Kidding aside, your vote can make a difference. …

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Jan 03

Newt Gingrich campaigns in California, fiscal conservatives ride Amtrack

Newt Gingrich signs autographs at a whistle stop in San Luis Obispo, California. ©Jaimie Trueblood/Telegram-Tribune

Why would a modern day candidate ride the rails? Two words, fund raising. In 1996 you could ride in a train car with Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole for a contribution of $5,000. The Speaker of the House at the time, Newt Gingrich was a more modest contribution of $1,500. Dole withdrew from the event …

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Oct 14

An airport visit by Adlai Stevenson

Published caption — PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL HERE...Adlai Stevenson, in foreground center, was besieged by well-wishers in a brief San Luis Obispo airport stop this morning. At left is William K. Stew[art?]  Monterey, Democratic candidate for congress. Tim O'Reily, former San Luis Obispo mayor who is now a candidate for the state assembly, stands at the right. (T-T photo)  — Photo courtesy History Center of San Luis Obispo County

Original published caption: PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL HERE…Adlai Stevenson, in foreground center, was besieged by well-wishers in a brief San Luis Obispo airport stop this morning. At left is William K. Stew[art?]  Monterey, Democratic candidate for congress. Tim O’Reily, former San Luis Obispo mayor who is now a candidate for the state assembly, stands at the right. …

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Dec 28

The promise of a right to vote, 54 years later

A special moment Dora Baines, San Luis Obispo, registers to vote in the San Luis Obispo County clerk's office, a big moment in her life after being denied this right for more than 35 years in Mississippi.

February 10, 1965 We set the fireworks off on July 4th celebrating a unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America. The second sentence is the one quoted most often. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, …

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May 18

Election Day 1968

Off season elections never get the turnout of big presidential elections. Special elections get even less. The rascals who write propositions and the 30 second television spots count on this. The reality is we get the government that people who show up vote for. Democracy is precious. The right to choose your representatives and decide …

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Sep 27

Gore Vidal for Senate 1982

Gore Vidal looks pensive as he surveys San Luis Obispo County Airport after overcast delayed his landing. May 25, 1982 Gore Vidal is a journalist’s dream candidate because unreserved subjects make writing a story easy. Every time you look up from the notebook they say something more provoking than the last time. Professional politicians love …

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Sep 22

Ronald Reagan In San Luis County


Ronald Reagan at a fundrasier for assemblywoman Carol Hallett June 9, 1978. She later served in Washington in his administration. Above photo by © Thom Halls/The Tribune His first step onto the national political stage was stumping for Barry Goldwater’s presidential run in 1964. Then two years later Ronald Reagan did what Richard Nixon could …

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Sep 14

Arianna Huffington conservative Republican


Do you remember Arianna Huffington the conservative Republican? She and her husband Michael exploded on the political scene of the California Central Coast in 1992.  Michael Huffington took on an over 9-term Republican incumbent Bob Lagomarsino  and handed the veteran politician the first election defeat in his 34-year political career. Unseating an incumbent cost millions and …

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Sep 08

1962 Richard Nixon

SMILING BUT SERIOUS … Republican candidate for governor Richard M. Nixon greeted his San Luis Obispo audience with smiles and humor Thursday, 2 p.m. when speaking at the courthouse. He then launched a heated attack on incumbent governor Edmund G. Brown. Nixon was introduced by San Luis Obispo attorney Peter Andre (seated right). A group …

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