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Feb 08

Convertable icebox and refrigerator

Advertisement from January 19, 1943 for a convertible icebox-refrigerator from Wards.

Rationing during World War II forced some companies to come up with new marketing strategies. Perhaps Wards had a bunch of refrigerators made without the cooling units and needed to unload them. Perhaps they could only get enough material to make the ice box. In any case they were offering a modern looking ice box …

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Dec 22

Electric lamps, the latest thing

Safe electric power was advertised in 1906.

A little over a hundred years ago this advertisement touted the safety of electric power over candles, gas or oil lamps. This is from the Feb. 24, 1906 edition of the San Luis Obispo Telegram. If you are reading this by a whale oil fired lamp you may want to E.M. Payne and get set …

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Apr 09

Morro Bay Power Plant parts on parade

INCHING THROUGH MORRO BAY... The huge generator stator, aboard its 82-tire trailer, touched state highway 1 for the last time as it crossed the coast route at Sixth street in Morro Bay yesterday afternoon. As workmen tediously continued to pick up and put down planks under the 220-ton load, Beyla Truck company's big truck tractor inched the steel giant closer to its destination, the PG&E power plant opposite Morro rock. Curious groups of Morro Bay residents lined the path of the heavy equipment as it approached a short but steep hill leading down to the waterfront level where Bechtel corporation is building the power plant. Three large trucks and a heavy winch unit later were used to anchor and ease the load down the grade. It was delivered safely, without mishap last night after an eight-day move from Camp San Luis Obispo's railroad siding. (©T-T photo) published December 24, 1954

Happy Jack’s bar is at the left as workers use poles to keep the equipment from snagging on utility lines. The explosive growth in California after World War II put a strain on utilities to keep up with demand. The power plant in Morro Bay was one of several new electric generation facilities that PG&E …

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Jun 08

Morro Bay Aerial circa 1963

Aerial of Morro Rock, power plant and harbor from August 29, 1963.© The Tribune Conspiracy theories. I recall fielding a call several years back from a subscriber who insisted that the newspaper had run a doctored photo. This was way back in the film days, when photoshop included chemicals and a darkroom. She insisted that …

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May 06

Morro Bay Power Plant smokestack

THE STACK IS HIGH…This dramatic photo of a rigger, Arval Ady, dangling 15 feet below the top of PG&E's 450-foot smokestack was taken last March by Telegram-Tribune photographer Fen Truebridge who had just previously been hoisted up through the giant chimney's brick-lined interior. The power plant building is shown at the top left. This picture …

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Sep 16

San Luis Obispo Gasworks

Gasworks building seen from Pismo Street in San Luis Obispo. David Middlecamp ©The Tribune

Recent headlines from San Bruno are a reminder that decisions buried underground 50 years ago have consequences today. Our daily modern conveniences, water heaters, dishwashers, clothes dryers, washing machines are recent innovations that rely on a dependable and affordable utility system. The early days of utilities had little regulation for the safety of workers, the …

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Jun 12

Morro Bay Power Plant built

This undated print from our files shows the construction of the electric power plant in Morro Bay. The towering smoke stacks are 450 feet tall. According to HeritageShared.org  construction on the first electric power generating unit in Morro Bay began in October 1953. California’s population was booming in the post World War II era and …

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