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Nov 30

The Roaring 20s, world class motor racing at Exposition Park

R.E. Heidorn takes a walk along the old banked curve of the once famous San Luis Obispo auto racing course. Contours of the only one-mile track were still visible along South Street in 1965. © The Tribune

Automobile engines were what put the roar into the Roaring 20s. In San Luis Obispo a palace to the newfangled automobile was constructed between two monuments of the railway, it was called Exposition Park. The roundhouses for the Southern Pacific and the Pacific Coast Railway were near opposite ends of South Street. The narrow gauge …

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Oct 21

Danger at Exposition Park Race Track

Click here to view the embedded video. The specter of death has hovered over auto racing from its earliest days. Though many of the advancements in automotive engineering can be traced to lessons learned in the crucible of competition, the knowledge has had a price in human lives. From hydraulic brakes to crumple zones many …

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Sep 18

Racing at Exposition Park

Racing legend Ralph DePalma raced at Exposition Park in the 1920s.

Think automotive racing history and cities like Indianapolis or Daytona Beach come to mind. How about San Luis Obispo? For three years the town was a hot stop on the racing tour. Exposition Park opened in 1922 with a large grandstand overlooking a dirt oval next to today’s South Street where Meadow Park and condos …

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