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May 31

Sea-Ho swimsuits, 1943 fashions

June 1, 1943 Sears advertising.

What do you think of when the phrase “Sea-Ho Swim Suits” comes up? Do you think it is word play on the phrase “Land Ho!” or do you think it is the misogynistic lyric from an seafaring rap star? How comfortable do you think men’s wool swim trunks were? All I can say is the …

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May 14

Vocational training in 1968 at Cuesta College

Girls are learning how to run business machines at Cuesta College. ©Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

In honor of Cuesta College’s 50th birthday a few posts this week from the Cuesta file. Today a lot of technical schools advertise in heavy rotation on television. However many of those programs are offered at local community colleges for less money than a for profit school and often these instructors have good insight into …

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Apr 29

Summertime living, backyard furniture

Essential spring and summer items from an August 1974 advertisement.

Now that spring seems to be on the way it may be time to pick up some back yard furniture. A folding grill for less than $4.00, three different kinds of pools, priced from $3.77 to $88. Time to head to Grants and pick up what appear to be essential and long lasting items. Grant …

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Mar 20

Fashionable Easter shirt waists from 1903

March 22, 1903 front page ad from the Morning Tribune.

Easter fashion for women at the dawn of the 20th century included flowery hats and high collared dresses as seen in this advertisement from a San Luis Obispo store. I am told by informed fashion sources that a shirt waist is a blouse that in that era would typically be worn over an uncomfortable whale …

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Dec 28

You can leave your hat off, changing fashion in the 1960s

The manitilla used to be common church attire.

Covering the head is a religious custom that can vary depending on doctrine, degree of orthodoxy, local practice and the tenor of the time. Orthodox Jewish men and boys wear the yarmulke. Conservative Muslim women don the hijab. In the late 1960s among the many changes in the air was the lacy mantilla falling out …

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Jun 26

A life of beauty for the boys on duty -1942 fashion

March 18, 1942 fashion page from the then Telegram-Tribune urging women to keep in style for the troops.

World War II would change feature stories and advertising in curious ways. Announcements of wartime rationing were making headlines on the front page but the fashion page was still trying to promote style. The message was to dress well and perhaps you could compete with Hollywood pin up girls like Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth and …

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Feb 13

Pismo Beach Fashion 1900s, Leonard collection

Women's and men's beach fashion circa 1900 at Pismo Beach.

This appears to be he height of beach fashion at Pismo Beach circa early 1900s. The flat beach leads me to guess Pismo Beach, a destination for tourists after the railroad went through in the early 20th century. The man is wearing a handsome two piece swim suit while the woman has on a stylish …

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Nov 24

Be a Dapper Dan man, Haircuts of the late 1800s

Armstrong Brothers Barbershop ad from April 12, 1894 showing popular men's hairstyles of the late 1800s.

Look sharp for Thanksgiving with these men’s haircuts from 1894. Styles include Round, Pompadour, Shingle and Featheredge. Clean Towel and sharp razors are all part of the service by the Armstrong Brothers at 884 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo.

Jan 11

1918 New York fashion, long, slim chic

From the Morning Telegram November 25, 1918 ©The Tribune

One of the reasons the Daily Telegram overtook the older Tribune in the contest for subscribers were the features that appealed to women. Telegram owner/editor, C.L. Day,  had recently come from Long Beach and was more in touch with trends. He subscribed to a news service that packaged articles and photos that gave readers a …

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Oct 17

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, 1955 Men’s fashion

November 2, 1955 Telegram-Tribune ad

Dave Berg was a cartoonist for Mad magazine for more than 40 years. He created the magazine’s feature “The Lighter Side of” feature that poked fun of current sociology. He would regularly draw friends and family members. One of the recurring characters was the pipe smoking dad. His drawings looked like ordinary people and some …

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