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Mar 24

How to control incendiary bomb fires, World War II week by week

March 30, 1942 advice on how to control fires due to enemy bombing, in the Telegram-Tribune.

Newspapers try to have helpful features, for example, how to carve a turkey, how to prune a rose bush or how to control incendiary bomb fires. World War II would bring up public service topics for newspapers that would not have been imagined in earlier years. This article and photos went into detail on the …

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Feb 17

Madonna Inn fire of 1966

Alex Madonna could not resist picking up a loose fire hose but by then a 12 units section was fully involved. San Luis Obispo firefighters  responded to the Madonna Inn May 27, 1966. ©Jim Vestal/Telegram-Tribune

Fires are the bane of hotels. A roll call of lost county landmarks  include the Ramona, Paso Robles Hot Springs and El Paso de Robles. Today public buildings are required to have sprinklers and even California homes built after January 1, 2011 are required to have sprinklers. The Madonna Inn’s first rooms were completed December …

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Jan 23

Horse drawn chemical truck, San Luis Obispo firefighters in 1906

CHEMICAL TRUCK — The latest thing in fire fighting equipment — in 1906, that is—is pictured here in a photo which was presented to the San Luis Obispo fire department by Mrs. Callie M. John in 1948. The gallant volunteers in uniform are as follows: Top row, left to right—Charles Hasse, John Isola, Manuel Lopez, Billie Bambrouck, John Kirkeby, Johnnie Martin, a Mr. Parsons, Henry Berkemeyer, Frank Tercis and Warren M. John. Lower row same order, Frank Soto, Ernest Taylor and Joe Ghigliotti. Volunteer fire companies took great pride in their appearance and equipment.

A little over 100 years ago the pride and joy of the fire department was the horse drawn wagon. This would be state of the art firefighting in San Luis Obispo until 1916 when petrol would replace equine power. This photo was made a year after one of the worst fires in history struck downtown, …

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Apr 27

Fire department catches fire

San Luis Obispo city hall circa 1938 on Higuera street where Charles Shoes is today. ©The Tribune Top five signs your fire department needs an overhaul. 1. Fire department catches fire. 2. No hydrant wrench on truck to turn on water. 3. Water pressure only reaches the story below the fire. 4. Second fire engine …

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Apr 11

Last call for Ferdinand the fire horn

Ferdinand the fire horn is retired and the 100 foot tall tower is dismantled at the San Luis Obispo fire house. ©The Tribune 12-5-1965 From the December 2, 1965 front page of the then Telegram-Tribune: Fire horn Ferdinand is retired Only memories remain of Ferdinand today. Six years and 14 days have passed since the …

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