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Sep 16

San Luis Obispo Gasworks

Gasworks building seen from Pismo Street in San Luis Obispo. David Middlecamp ©The Tribune

Recent headlines from San Bruno are a reminder that decisions buried underground 50 years ago have consequences today. Our daily modern conveniences, water heaters, dishwashers, clothes dryers, washing machines are recent innovations that rely on a dependable and affordable utility system. The early days of utilities had little regulation for the safety of workers, the …

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Jun 17

LNG terminal proposed near Avila Beach


Avila Beach has long been the beach that locals go to. You can’t see it from the highway but the south facing beach can be sunny, less windy and warm when others are fogged in. It also has a history of being a gritty working town in as well as a vacation spot. Harford Pier, …

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Jan 29

Science abolishes monotony, making life better


April 13, 1926 This three deck headline on page eight tells all you need to know. Science abolishes monotony, making life better — Same principles of efficiency in factory and office now applied to American homes — Old Saying That “Woman’s Work Is Never Done” Will Be Forgotten When All Homes Have Modern Appliances. Just …

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Jan 08

Improvements at the gas works

Gas stove ad from the San Luis Obispo Tribune 1876

UPDATE: So far this is the earliest documentation of gas works I have discovered in San Luis Obispo. It appears that the gas has been on for at about a year and stores were beginning to sell gas stoves and would contract to install a gas line into the house. As previously discussed here, ten …

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Jul 30

1959 S&H gas station


July 16, 1959 Set the wayback machine to the Eisenhower era. Currently this is the record holder for oldest image from our files. Tribune librarian Sharon Morem found this print in the bottom of a manila file folder. It went with a four paragraph business brief. You can see the penciled crop marks a copy …

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