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Apr 16

Hearst Castle bombing by New World Liberation Front 1976

Investigators crunch through debris on veranda at Hearst Castle's Casa del Sol guest house, where bomb exploded Thursday (near center of photo.) 02-12-1976 ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

A cowardly man with large ambition, weak ability and a large pile of explosives — stop me if you have heard this story before. It is almost always a man responsible. The story is more common than we care to admit. They slither out from under rocks every few decades, from anarchists in the 19th …

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Mar 05

Cab rides to Hearst Castle, Steve Zegar saw it all

Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst is shown with Marion Davies, movie star in Bad Nauheim, Germany in August 1931. (AP Photo)

Steve Zegar was the first man to drive up the grassy sides of Hearst’s Enchanted Hill, before there was a Castle, or even a road. Now that is someone with a story. A story that had to wait decades to be told. Zegar maintained his relationship with Hearst and newspaper and movie mogul’s friends by …

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Jan 13

Hearst Castle zebras

Zebras graze along Highway 1 with Hearst Castle in background. First published November 23, 1987. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Sometimes you can pre-visualize a photograph and then happens. I wanted to get a photo of Hearst Ranch zebras lined up with the castle in the background. I’m sure it happens a lot, but to be honest it does not happen that often for me. In 25 years of shooting photos on the Central Coast …

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Jan 04

Hearst Castle cab rides


John Sarber, reporter and later city editor at the then Telegram-Tribune, had a column that regularly ran on the front page called “Chance Glances”. The first part of this column from March 15, 1958 covers a diary of guests transported to Hearst Castle by a local cab driver. ECHOES OF THE ENCHANTED PAST A DOCUMENT …

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May 22

Hearst Castle Graduation

June 6, 1968 Here we are near graduation season and the 50-year anniversary of public tours at Hearst Castle. Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument was dedicated June 2, 1958. Ten years later the Cambria area high school needed help. Coast Union High School’s auditorium and old gym were demolished to meet Field Act standards …

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