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Sep 21

Bridge to the past, the ghost of Highway 1

Built in 1912-13 the Bello Street Bridge immediately pressed into service as part of the original Coast Route. ©Mark Hall-Patton/Telegram-Tribune

You may occasionally see Mark Hall-Patton on the TV show Pawnstars. Before he became administrator of three county museums in the Las Vegas area he administered the San Luis Obispo County Historical Society and wrote a south county history column for the Telegram-Tribune. Though the clipping was undated the photo is stamped Jan. 28, 1988. …

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Jul 06

Morro Bay Power Plant construction

General Electric Stator, Highway 1, Camp San Luis Obispo, Hollister Peak

California has seen population growth on a scale not experienced by other states for most of its existence. Only recently have the growth numbers flattened. In the 1950s the growth trend line was accelerating as the baby boom was added to immigration into the Golden State. Not only were the raw numbers expanding but there …

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Mar 05

Cab rides to Hearst Castle, Steve Zegar saw it all

Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst is shown with Marion Davies, movie star in Bad Nauheim, Germany in August 1931. (AP Photo)

Steve Zegar was the first man to drive up the grassy sides of Hearst’s Enchanted Hill, before there was a Castle, or even a road. Now that is someone with a story. A story that had to wait decades to be told. Zegar maintained his relationship with Hearst and newspaper and movie mogul’s friends by …

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Sep 25

Cuesta Freeway

Proposed freeway interchange brought Highway 1 through a saddle in the hills next to the Madonna Inn at left.

Until the 101 freeway was built, driving through San Luis Obispo always required a dog leg turn. Highway 1 is offset from 227. Driving north on the old highway, a traveler enters on Higuera and exits on Monterey Streets. Creeks, hills, and later railroads and freeway have all conspired to tangle with the mind of …

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Nov 24

Highway 1 and Cal Poly


  This view of Highway 1 with Cal Poly in the background shows how much has changed in 42 years. The highway has a center divider and the university has a library and performing arts center, recreation center and other buildings. I should have climbed a little further up the hill but now the side …

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Apr 30

1965 Cayucos Highway 1

June 2, 1965 Everywhere you looked in the 1960′s, highways were being built. Eisenhower administration pushed to build highways in the 1950′s and that tradition continued into the ’60s. In the summer of 1965 the Cayucos bypass was half finished. The project included three bridges and a huge earth moving operation. Resident engineer John Robertson …

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