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Apr 10

Freeway construction begins in San Luis Obispo, 1952

Construction began in Spring of 1952 on the 101 freeway in San Luis Obispo.

It takes less time to travel this section of freeway than it takes to read about it. If you want to see the before picture click here. The Telegram-Tribune of March 25, 1952 carried the story: WORK STARTS ON S.L.O. FREEWAY Big Crossing Structures Come First Construction started today on the first of several freeway …

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Apr 09

1940ish San Luis Obispo Highway

Highway 101 enters San Luis Obispo from the south in this view from the 1930s or 40s.

This undated photo shows what appears to be a new highway entry in to San Luis Obispo as Highway 101 makes a turn onto Marsh Street. My guess is this is from the 40s as the highway was improved at least once in that decade. It may be from the late 30s, I can’t find …

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Jan 08

When Huell Howser visited Cuesta Grade

Huell Howser host of  public television's "California's Gold" and Bill Loper of the San Luis Obispo Historical Society on Cuesta Grade in 1994.

Huell Howser had what many would consider a dream job, travel, access to interesting places. He was producer and host of a series of shows that highlighted the nature and history of California. He made the most of his opportunities throughout the state with a sense glee that put his subjects at ease and made …

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Jan 03

Blasting Highway 101 near Pismo Beach

MOUNTAIN MOVERS...Giant explosion rips away outcropping of stubborn rock during fill operations at the new Avila Beach road undercrossing site adjacent to U.S. Highway 101 on Wednesday afternoon. The charge, biggest shot in the project so far, scattered huge boulders for hundreds of feet. Traffic was backed up for more than a mile as workers took 15 minutes to clear the rubble from the roadway. ©The Tribune

We take it for granted, passing by at 65 miles per hour. The notch in the hill between San Luis Creek and Pismo Beach is not a natural feature, it been shaped and carved. On Sept. 26, 1963 Telegram-Tribune staff writer Tom Harris wrote about the work: New Route for 101 The face-lifting job freeway …

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Oct 26

Armageddon in the sky, nuclear testing

March 29, 1955 The pre-dawn stillness of the Nevada desert was torn with a brilliant flash followed by a shock wave and roar. Atop a 500 foot steel tower, atoms collided violently at 4:55 am. A mushroom cloud lifted into pre-dawn sky, a small sun so powerful that the glow was "plainly visible" in San …

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Oct 10

Speed hungry auto fiends on Cuesta Grade

OLD CUESTA ROAD–A photo from the California Division of Highways — now Caltrans — which once reported 71 hazardous curves on the highway north of San Luis Obispo. The auto road was built in 1915 and improved in 1923, the photo is from about 1922. Small government advocates would love to turn the clock back …

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Jul 30

Transportation growing pains, World War II week by week

July 30, 1941 Telegram-Tribune Most of us take the four lane 101 Highway for granted today but as World War II was approaching California had a narrow two lane system. Military bases were expanding and road traffic was increasing leading local politicians to ask the state highway commission for a better road. The top headline …

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Oct 25

The story of Clint, the F. McLintocks cowboy

Telegram-Tribune Focus section published June 25, 1983.

I keep an eye on the wood carved cowboy that surveys the Pacific Ocean from the F. McLintocks parking lot. The other day a man was refinishing it I and stopped to make a feature photo. My first professional story was written about the carving and sold to a local magazine. In the days before …

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Sep 25

Cuesta Freeway

Proposed freeway interchange brought Highway 1 through a saddle in the hills next to the Madonna Inn at left.

Until the 101 freeway was built, driving through San Luis Obispo always required a dog leg turn. Highway 1 is offset from 227. Driving north on the old highway, a traveler enters on Higuera and exits on Monterey Streets. Creeks, hills, and later railroads and freeway have all conspired to tangle with the mind of …

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Sep 13

Too much information

Signs block the view at a construction zone in Pismo Beach on Highway 101. Wayne Nicholls Published 11-12-1977 ©The Tribune

Sign sign everywhere a sign Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign This Wayne Nicholls photo could have been inspired by the single “Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band. According to their website, the 70s anthem was originally released as the B side of …

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