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Jun 29

Race tensions and bar riot San Luis Obispo, World War II week by week

Race tensions may have led to a fight downtown in San Luis Obispo as reported in this June 25, 1943 Telegram-Tribune.

A San Luis Obispo bar, Dante’s, was the scene of a fight that spilled out into the street that involved up to 200 African-American soldiers. Eventually Sheriff Murray Hathway resorted to tear gas and extra military police were called out from Camp San Luis Obispo. Bar owner Dante Chiesa refused service to men he said …

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Jun 10

Cigar Factory, San Luis Obispo

Cigar Factory, San Luis Obispo. ©The Tribune

The Cigar Factory was the name of a swanky restaurant in San Luis Obispo. This is from a set of negatives labeled Cigar Factory, with no other information. It came from a box of mid-1960s negatives and looks like the work of Jim Vestal, who would often use flash units off camera to provide dramatic …

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Dec 05

Flooding on South Higuera Street

Cal Poly instructor John Boyd eades along lower Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo Monday as he walks home because buses weren't running. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

Humans like to build on flat level land. Problem is the water likes it too. We can go decades between floods in San Luis County but when a cloud bursts the results can be swift. Any time rain falls faster than one inch per hour flooding is likely to follow. Parts of South Higuera Street …

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Oct 22

Higuera Street 1978

Higuera Street looking east, October 24, 1978 ©The Tribune Wayne Nicholls.

These images from downtown San Luis Obispo show what was happening about 35 years ago.

Apr 24

San Luis Obispo builds a City Hall on Higuera Street

San Luis Obispo city hall circa 1938 on Higuera street where Charles Shoes is today. ©The Tribune If you are transported back in time, hope you don't have a cell number. That was a bad thing in 1878. Today Charles Shoes in this location. From the front page of the November 16, 1878 San Luis …

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