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Jan 18

Sandhill Cranes land in the Carrizo Plain

The rare and majestic Sand-hill Crane is now wintering in the vicinity of Soda Lake in the Carrisa Plains in eastern San Luis Obispo County and Telegram-Tribune photographer Jack Wilson was lucky enough to catch this flock on the ground and in flight shortly after dawn Friday using his telescopic lens.
©Jack Wilson/Telegram-Tribune

In the mid-1980s when I first photographed the Sandhill Cranes on the Carrizo Plain there seemed to be several hundred flying back and forth between grain fields and Soda Lake. There are fewer acres being farmed out there now, and fewer birds to be seen the last time I was out there. I am not …

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Jul 04

Atascadero Lake Independence Day fireworks

Fireowrks over Atascadero Lake were provided by Jaycees. © Jack Wilson/The Tribune 7-4-1966 Two things never look good in black and white. Food and fireworks. Fireworks are one of the tricky things a newspaper photographer is tasked with recording. Back in the film days you couldn't check your images as you shot and make adjustments. …

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Sep 07

Prize winners at Pinedorado


Not many local festivals can boast that one of their judges had won a Nobel Peace Prize. Oh yours won one? Ours won two, the only person who has won two undivided Nobel Prizes. The organizers of the 18th annual Pinedorado celebration were able to bring in Linus Pauling, Big Sur resident, as a judge …

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Feb 09

Killer whale harpooned outside Morro Bay


February 12, 1966 The U.S. Fish and Wildlife came to Morro Bay to study the Alaskan fur seal. Using true 1960′s logic it involved killing seals and harpooning an orca. GPS tracking devices could only be imagined and research techniques decidedly more destructive then. The arrival of the “Lynann” was covered in an earlier post. …

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Oct 16

Clam Calamity


Pismo Beach still celebrates clams — consider its 62th annual Clam Festival last weekend, for example, which drew thousands. But the days are gone when clamming drew tens of thousands to the city’s fine beaches. Clamming was consistently good from 1949 until 1979, when state Fish and Game officials said the influx of sea otters …

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Aug 08

1966 Salinas Dam

January 2, 1966 The main source of water for San Luis Obispo is from the North County at Santa Margarita Lake. The city can also get water from Whale Rock Reservoir and wells but the largest and fastest filling source stands behind the Salinas Dam.When we have dry years the lake level goes down, and …

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Jul 04

July 4, 1965

July 4, 1965 Some traditions have deep roots. Cayucos has had a July 4, parade with something wacky in it for as longer than I can remember. Pismo Beach has had fireworks. Gone are the Pismo merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel, but we do get to pay for parking now. Holiday weekends were tough on …

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Apr 27

1965 Sandspit Seeding

    Crop dusters dropped 9,000 pounds of barley grain on the sandspit from a souped-up World War II Stearman biplane. (Telegram-Tribune photos by Jack Wilson) April 28, 1965 This is one of those stories from the past that would never happen today. The brand new city of Morro Bay was involved in squabbles with …

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Mar 17

Abalone Siezed

December 19, 1964 SHELLED ABALONE Fish and Game Wardens Russell Goodrich, left, and Alvin Stewart display a few of the 281 abalone which had been removed from the shell and brought into Morro Bay aboard the commercial abalone boat Lancia. (Jack Wilson photo.) This is a story we don’t see today. There are illegal clam …

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Feb 12

1964 Drought

San Luis Range Scene – A part of the herd on the Cholame Rancho in northeastern San Luis Obispo County operated by the R.E. Jack Co. A combination of bad hay and drought has caused some loss which is being corrected as rapidly as possible, Jack says.(Telegram-Tribune photo by Jack Wilson) June 25, 1964 A …

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