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Jul 04

The Eagle of Freedom or Jim Crow?

Bill Mauldin penned this political cartoon published in the Telegram-Tribune Sept. 12, 1963.

Artist Bill Mauldin was a master of communicating complicated concepts and emotions with a few sharply drawn visual symbols. He could draw in a single frame what would take lawyers pages of words. Mauldin first came to popular attention with his cartoons of the dog-faced GI’s – Willie and Joe – during World War II. …

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May 04

November 1963 – Kennedy slain by assassin

November 22, 1963 As promised in the last post, here is coverage of the John F. Kennedy assassination. There are no local photos but the mythology that has since surrounded the event makes real time coverage interesting reading. Click on the newspaper pages to view a larger image. There were trivial stories, like the jinx …

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