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Jun 28

July 4, 1877

Big doings planned for July 4 in the June 23, 1877 San Luis Obispo Tribune

In the backwater burg of San Luis Obispo, for many years after California became a U.S. state in 1850, holidays associated with Mexico were celebrated with more gusto than American holidays. It took a long time for Anglos to outnumber Mexican and Indian natives in the region. There was no gold, no major port and …

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Nov 10

Camp San Luis opens


Some trends gradually evolve. Others come down the street with a marching band. The San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram published an EXTRA edition and called it the largest crowd in the history of San Luis Obispo as the National Guard opened Camp Merriam, now Camp San Luis Obispo. The region celebrated with events all over …

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Jun 28

Arrival of Prof. Baldwin and His Great Air-Ship / July 4, 1890

June 27, 1890 editon of The San Luis Obispo Tribune

The Tribune had big holiday plans outlined in the edition published June 27, 1890. The right hand column had a series of drawings to go with the article. In the era before radio, movies and TV it was up to a community to provide their own entertainment. Committees were formed and a community took pride …

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Jul 03

Atascadero Lake July 4 Fireworks

Fireworks at Atascadero Lake July 4, 1982. A recent letter to the editor in The Tribune complained about the upcoming Independence Day laser show in Morro Bay. According to the letter writer the only proper way to celebrate the birth of a free democracy is to blow stuff up. Personally I thought that freedom and …

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