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Jun 25

Hurrah for the 4th of July, San Luis Obispo 1883

This 4th of July celebration ad ran sideways in the columns of The Tribune in 1883, rotated here for your reading enjoyment.

Monterey Street and not an automobile to be found. The image is spliced together from two copy prints in the Tribune archives. According to penciled notes on the back of the prints the image was scheduled to run on page 8 of the Telegram-Tribune Centurama edition of May 9, 1956. The writing says the print …

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Jul 04

Atascadero Lake Independence Day fireworks

Fireowrks over Atascadero Lake were provided by Jaycees. © Jack Wilson/The Tribune 7-4-1966 Two things never look good in black and white. Food and fireworks. Fireworks are one of the tricky things a newspaper photographer is tasked with recording. Back in the film days you couldn't check your images as you shot and make adjustments. …

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