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Feb 22

Union Oil pier collapse, the storm of 1983

The Union Oil pier in Avila Beach collapses into the surf Tuesday afternoon after pounding waves undermined its pilings. 
©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune

Periodically big storms come in and wreak havoc with piers. For example in 1907 the Oilport pier, in what is now known as Shell Beach was demolished by a fierce storm. The pier at Port San Luis is usually the most sheltered in the region but thirty years ago no place was immune. The winter …

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Dec 13

Swift completion of their appointed rounds, behind the scenes at a mail sorting center

Clerk Michele Lipman of Santa Barbara gathers mail that has been sorted into bins by machine and arranges it in trays for next step in processing.
©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune published Feb 25, 1981

Computers cut the number of jobs needed to hand sort mail. Later they cut the number of pieces of mail when folks began to send e-cards and connect on social networking sites. But you still need humans to deliver the mail. I am not sure if this system has been replaced by another technology but …

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Oct 12

Remembering Myron Graham

Myron Graham at his home. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Ken Chen

He would always greet me with a hearty, “Hello young man!” even when I was into my 40s. I knew Myron Graham from childhood. Grandma Betty bought her watercolor paints and paper at Grahams Art Store downtown on Monterey Street. There was always a plate with graham crackers to snack on and the pungent smells …

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Aug 03

Creators of the Cal Poly Mustang

Roy Harris sculptor and Cal Poly  professor created "Earl" the mustang that is next to the Julian McPhee Univerisity Union. ©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune published

The bronze mustang has been rearing up on his hind legs next to the University Union in War Memorial Plaza for 30 years now. Telegram-Tribune reporter Carol Roberts wrote about the creators April 22, 1982 just before it was unveiled for the 50th Poly Royal: A mustang in bronze When a lifesize bronze statue of …

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May 02

The last sunset for the Southern Pacific

View from Southern Pacific caboose departing San Luis Obispo northbound. ©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune

One of the Southern Pacific’s last major routes constructed was on the Coast Line between Ellwood and Santa Margarita. The railroad, founded as the Central Pacific in 1861 did not arrive in San Luis Obispo until 1894 and did not complete a San Francisco to Los Angeles Coast route until 1901. Further construction revised the …

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Apr 02

Leo the Lion takes a nap at the Atascadero Zoo

Leo the lion enjoys the sun on an April Sunday at the Atascadero Zoo. 4-14-1980 Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune

Dec 28

Carlin Soule Memorial Polar Bear Dip a Cayucos New Year’s Day tradition

Baptism  About 55 people — some children, some who appeared in their 50s — won initiation into the Polar Bears Club Friday by dipping into the 55-degree ocean by the Cayucos pier. The second annual event was organized by Carlin  Soule of the Way Station Restaurant in Cayucos. @Telegram-Tribune/Ken Chen

The Tribune did not cover the first Polar Bear Dip in Cayucos. Only a handful of people went in the water at the inception of the event in 1981. By the second splash it was on the assignment list for the Tribune photography staff and has been ever since.  Let this be a warning to …

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