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Jan 28

Japanese internment resolutions, Baywood Park gets electricity-World War II week by week

The 70th anniversary of Baywood Park getting electricity. World War II headlines from January 28, 1942.

The United States had been fighting for seven weeks and the news was bad everywhere in the Pacific and in much of Europe and Africa. The plain facts were that America was woefully under-prepared and losing. In a misguided attempt to focus rage, governments from the local to national level were lashing out at the …

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Jan 24

Grumpy old men in Los Osos, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, Odd Couple II

Jack Lemmon (Felix Ungar) gets some makeup sprucing up for a scene in the film The Odd Couple II during filming near Turri Road, Los Osos. ©Telegram-Tribune/Jayson Mellom

According to IMDB it is the second most popular movie filmed in Los Osos.  As usual the curse of San Luis Obispo County was on this movie. It is my contention that movies filmed in the region end up being mediocre though “Sideways” would be my one exception. The top ranked IMDB Los Osos movie? …

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May 31

Montana de Oro — trails opened

Labeled "Rancho Montana 1965" from the files of The Tribune. ©The Tribune Moñtana de Oro was a new state park in 1965. There were several articles in the early 60s leading up to the purchase of the park for public use. Local state senator Vernon Sturgeon was one of the leaders who pushed for funding …

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May 16

The dawn of computer graphics

Surrounded by the tools of her trade, Los Osos computer artist Phyllis Paradies unveils examples of her work. Some have appeared in national magazines. ©Tony Hertz/The Tribune From the June 6, 1986 edition of the then Telegram-Tribune. The revolution happened in our lifetimes. Not that long ago, but in computer years 1986 was the stone …

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Sep 02

Sandal Makara, the Baykeeper

Sandal Makara in Los Osos in 1994. © Photo by Jeff Fairbanks/Telegram-Tribune.

Walking by the Joan Rainey Day mural in Baywood brought back memories of Sandal Makara, known as the Baykeeper. Much like the dunites who lived in the Oceano Dunes 1930s Sandal lived outside the expectations of society. His home was an angular, self made boat. He scrounged to make a living, making sandals, candle holders, …

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May 18

$$$ Generating tax dollars

A share for all — San Luis Obispo School District Superintendent Ronald Notley, left, smiles today as he accepts a replica of Morro Bay Pacific Gas and Electric plant from William Newman, Morro School District superintendent. Tax revenue from the plant, which formerly went to the Morro district, will be shared by the new unified district. Published Feb 10, 1965.  ©2010 The Tribune

February 10, 1965 How blatant can you get? A power plant puffing dollar signs into the atmosphere? Abstract concept stories are difficult to illustrate with concrete images. The posed photo, heavy in symbolism was fairly typical of that era. Newspapers were moving away from that style toward a more candid storytelling approach but the history …

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Jul 07

Wheel Estate, mobile home living

I had just moved in and was meeting neighbors when I made an unpardonable faux pas. “It’s not a trailer, its a mobile home,” he informed me with a snort. Sorry man. The truth is that with several hours hours of prep, wheels and axels can be bolted on and my house is gone at …

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Aug 25

1963 Sunnyside School Crowding


March 23, 1963 As schools around the county kick off a new school year there is concern over the budget crisis in Sacramento.It could be worse. Back in 1963 Sunnyside Elementary School in Los Osos was in dire straits. The children of the baby boom were flooding districts. The school had 237 pupils but funding …

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Aug 01

1972 Diablo Construction & County aerials


September 20, 1972 These photos are from a set of aerial photos made for development stories throughout the county. The early 1970′s brought a wave of development to the area as Cal Poly expanded and workers flooded in to build a power plant. Construction was underway at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. At least …

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