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Apr 09

1940ish San Luis Obispo Highway

Highway 101 enters San Luis Obispo from the south in this view from the 1930s or 40s.

This undated photo shows what appears to be a new highway entry in to San Luis Obispo as Highway 101 makes a turn onto Marsh Street. My guess is this is from the 40s as the highway was improved at least once in that decade. It may be from the late 30s, I can’t find …

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Mar 12

Broadway at the Elmo, Spice of 1922

Spice 1922 is promoted in the Daily Telegram Sept. 4, 1923.

A giant woman dances in a skimpy outfit amid windmills. Stylish to be sure but why are  over 20 chorus girls singing, dressed in Dutch costumes complete with wooden shoes. Starved for entertainment — is the first phrase that springs to mind. It was the era before television. Movies were in black and white and …

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Jun 25

Now playing at the Elmo

SLO Telegram ads for Elmo Theater silent movie "Going Up" Jan.4, 1925.

“If flying interferes with your love-making, swear off flying.” Theater goers with 15 cents in their pocket could head to the Elmo Theater. The advertisement in the Daily Telegram on January 4, 1924 featured veteran silent movie actor Douglas MacLean in the movie, “Going Up”. The ad touts the movie as “Eclipsing the record breaking …

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May 11

Sinsheimer home, Marsh St.

Sinsheimer home on Marsh St. circa 1960. Photo courtsey Guy Crabb

Last week you, the readers, delivered more information than I could find about a 1963 era San Luis Obispo construction site. Thanks to all [Kristi, Bill Cattaneo, Aaron, David Garth, Matthew] who contributed the information that made this followup possible. Once the location was determined it was time to open up Guy Crabb’s book “San …

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Apr 28

Marsh St. Construction


When my son was a certain age construction and trucks fascinated him. When my nephew got to this age an enterprising video maker was putting out videos of construction sites. Some guys never outgrow this stage. This appears to me to be at the corner of Osos and Marsh Streets behind the Firestone Tire [now …

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Nov 03

Marsh Street Parade


Tribune librarian Sharon Morem found this undated postcard photo of a Marsh Street parade in the files. That is our starting point. From here we start making guesses. The spectators are dressed in their holiday best, plenty of folks are wearing long sleeves and there are no shadows under an overcast sky. The street is …

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