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Jul 10

Honoring Dr. Louis Tedone

Dr. Louis Tedone, 83, will recieve the first Louis Tedone Humanitarian award next week from French Hospital for his 45 years of serving the community as a pediatrician and volunteer. 
©The Tribune/ Aaron Lambert

Dr. Louis Tedone will be honored this evening, July 9, 2013 at Mission San Luis Obispo Parish Hall. Tribune reporter Sarah Arnquist wrote this story published Sept. 10, 2006: ‘LUCKY LOUIE’ IS COMMUNITY’S FORTUNE TO HONOR HIS DECADES OF SERVICE, FRENCH HOSPITAL CREATED THE LOUIS TEDONE HUMANITARIAN AWARD Few people have touched as many lives …

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Apr 23

Atascadero State Hospital inmate stories

"In the long run a state hospital is worse than a prison, "  ASH patient. Published 11-20-1965 as part of a multi-part series on Atascadero State Hospital. Jim Vestal/Telegram Tribune.

I have been told by some who work in a prison setting, they prefer not to know an inmate’s history. All they can deal with is the now. It could be overwhelming to reflect on the combined damage a group of mental health patients had caused. In the mid-sixties a then new approach included group …

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Jan 02

The very last baby, War Memorial Hospital – Paso Robles

Bedpans at Paso Robles Hospital up for  auction after it closed. 5-9-1977 ©The Tribune/Thom Halls

It is a rare thing to be the First Baby, even rarer to be the last. Jason Sturges came into the world as Paso Robles closed its hospital in February of 1977 as Twin Cities Hospital opened. Who were the twins that joined to form Twin Cities Hospital? The name was derived from Atascadero General …

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Dec 07

Doctor William Stover – Surgeon in Charge


The celebration of Sierra Vista’s 50th anniversary challenged The Vault to turn the clock back an additional 50 years. Be glad we live in this medical era. If you ever want a good cringe check out medical museums from 1900 or earlier. Most of the equipment looks like something from a horror film. Around the …

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Dec 05

Sierra Vista Hospital turns 50


Sierra Vista Hospital was born December 7, 1959 and celebrates it’s golden anniversary.