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Jul 11

Ah Louis, pioneer builder of San Luis Obispo

Ah Louis was the nickname given to Wong On who arrived in San Luis Obispo about 1870.

Ah Louis has to be on any top ten list of early persons of influence in San Luis Obispo. This article comes from the May 10, 1956 Centurama edition of the then Telegram-Tribune but the column was republished from one written in 1929 so some of the references need to be updated. Post a comment …

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May 07

Mining Mercury

Paul Merrick, ex-sheriff turned mine operatator, heads for the upper level entrance to the historic Rinconada quicksilver mine near Pozo. © Jim Vestal/Telegram-Tribune

Some elements get all the breaks, like gold and silver. Not mercury or chromium. They live in the hard-knock-life neighborhood of the periodic table. No respect, no accolades. How many books have you seen about the gold rush? Shelf loads. Who’s ever heard about a mercury rush? Yeah, and how many books are there about …

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