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May 14

Vocational training in 1968 at Cuesta College

Girls are learning how to run business machines at Cuesta College. ©Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

In honor of Cuesta College’s 50th birthday a few posts this week from the Cuesta file. Today a lot of technical schools advertise in heavy rotation on television. However many of those programs are offered at local community colleges for less money than a for profit school and often these instructors have good insight into …

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Dec 28

You can leave your hat off, changing fashion in the 1960s

The manitilla used to be common church attire.

Covering the head is a religious custom that can vary depending on doctrine, degree of orthodoxy, local practice and the tenor of the time. Orthodox Jewish men and boys wear the yarmulke. Conservative Muslim women don the hijab. In the late 1960s among the many changes in the air was the lacy mantilla falling out …

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Aug 31

Finely aged news from 1876

Everything old is news again, a newspaper from 1876 is rediscovered in 1969. ©Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

The joke told in my business is that all of our best work from yesterday is either wrapping fish or training puppies. Even butter has a longer shelf life than news. Unless it hangs around long enough to become history. Then it becomes interesting again as this June 4, 1969 photo and story by Michael …

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Jul 27

Crowning Miss San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County Fair

Fair director Bill Hartzell crowns Paulette Camsuzou as maid of San Luis Obispo County August 13, 1969. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Mike Raphael

Fair season is a time to suspend the normal rules. Go ahead, wear high heels with a swim suit. Have a rock concert in a rodeo arena. Stand in line for just about everything. Wear clean white pants while leading around livestock. See livestock that are groomed better than one or more spectators. Deep fry …

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Jan 20

Santa Margarita crime wave

Downtown Santa Margarita in 1969 looks much like 2012. Store fronts along G street. Michael Raphael ©The Tribune

It would not take much to return Santa Margarita to the 1960s. Only in the last year or two has the building with the Royal Crown billboard been torn down. This photo was made by Michael Raphael to accompany a story about a mini-crime wave in town. Published May 29, 1969 the story outlined how …

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Nov 16

One room school house in Creston

She takes things from the surroundings for the youngsters to study.

Some parents agonize when they hear their child will be in a split grade classroom. How about a one room schoolhouse with a six-grade spread between students? Both of my grandmothers and dad attended a one room grammar school. From the stories that I have heard it could be a circus at times. Older kids …

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Sep 30

Apple time in See Canyon

County's only automatic apple sizer belongs to Roy Thomas The See Canyon apple man is one of several growing the fruit. © Michael Raphael/The Tribune

Do you prefer crunchy or sweet? A study written up in the Los Angeles Times a few years back discovered that younger consumers preferred produce that crunched, older consumers selected for flavor. The research showed that a generation raised on trucked supermarket produce, did not like the softer sweeter vine ripened produce. Our family would …

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Aug 22

I am a Cougar and I Ain’t Lion

Referee Joe Brudage, first casualty Juanita Booth, college nursing program director, brought him back quickly. Faculty/student basketball game featuring FATS (Faculty Athletic Training Society) against the varsity in the old Camp San Luis Obispo gym. ©Michael Raphael/The Tribune

Cuesta had a band? A theme song? Why did this tradition die out? Paging Cuesta Cougar, Cuesta Cougar to the white courtesy phone. From the March 13, 1969 then Telegram-Tribune Annual game FATS (faculty) wins at Cuesta By Mike Raphael Staff Writer Capitalizing on a slam-bang attack, Cuesta College’s “FATS” (Faculty Athletic Training Society) thoroughly …

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Aug 17

Don’t call this hobby pointless, barbed wire collectors

Barbed wire collectors meet at fairgrounds, M.L. (Bud) Park is one of the county's charter members. © Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

The wide open spaces of the west were more open before the invention of barbed wire. The idea began in 1867 with two inventors adding points to smooth wire and a year later Michael Kelly created the first commercially successful product. The idea took root and soon there were over 570 patents for the thorny …

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Aug 10

“Attention! This is the Hair Police! Come out with your sideburns trimmed!”

Telegram-Tribune page published Dec. 10 1968 documenting protests.

High school administrators dream of the days when the biggest controversy on campus was hair length. Today they juggle funding issues, test scores, curriculum as well as drugs, campus violence, gangs, teen pregnancy…hey I don’t see haircuts anywhere on this list. This story ripped from the headlines show Jon Dallons, 15, with a Beatle style …

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