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Feb 06

Demolition and partial reconstruction of the Murray Adobe


In an Elliot Curry bylined story from March 7, 1967 the shape of Mission Plaza was under debate. The mayor, Clell Whelchel, was skeptical about closing Monterey Street. He wanted to use gas tax funds and keep the street open. Would the Murray adobe become victim of a street-widening proposal? Loren Nicholson, president of the …

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Dec 12

Drive through urban planning and Mission Plaza

Mission Plaza 11-10-1970 shortly before dedication, trees are small but the basic construction is done. ©The Tribune/David Ranns

Urban planning is a complex business. Change requires vision, political skill, money and sometimes an out of control egg truck. An ironic turn when you think about it. The town that has outlawed drive through businesses has its most beloved public space courtesy of an unintended drive through. An unbylined story that sounds like the …

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Sep 04

David Romero retires

Then San Luis Obispo public works director David Romero holds a 1956 photo of the Johnson Avenue underpass in front of the present structure, his first project design for the city. ©Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune published December 1, 1986.

After a 36-year career as San Luis Obispo’s public works director other folks would have been happy to get out of the public fishbowl. In 1992 David Romero launched a successful second career as city councilman and mayor for the better part of the next two decades. Now retiring from elected office he has an …

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Aug 26

Play it twice Freddie, We Are the Champions

A crowd gathers in San Luis Obispo's Mission Plaza to celebrate college and high school football championships.  Telegram-Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

Unprecedented in the state and perhaps the nation, one city simultaneously celebrated university and high school football championships. The magical season began thirty years ago for Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo High School. San Luis had lost to Lompoc earlier in the season 15-11. The Tigers finished the season with a 7-0 upset win …

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Jan 25

Monterey Street closed

Mission Plaza is born as Monterey Street is closed. David Ranns photo

This Telegram-Tribune front page has been posted here before, but I just found the negatives for the photo. It is hard to imagine the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa without the plaza but a street was the front porch for many almost two centuries. It was a hard fought battle. Public issues often take …

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Sep 01

1984 Walter Mondale

May 25, 1984 So I was wrong about Walter Mondale. He did come to San Luis Obispo. Once. Mondale came to town at the request of the anti-Nuclear group Mothers for Peace, the only candidate of three invited to show up. Quoting the story by staff writer Alan Mittelstaedt: The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant …

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