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Feb 05

The law office of Walter Murray

What happened to the Murray Adobe and why should we care? Today’s column addresses the second question; Wednesday’s will address the first. Walter Murray was one of key formative personalities in San Luis Obispo County as the region made the transition from Mexican rule to American. The English born and educated in law, Murray came …

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Feb 02

Murray Adobe in Mission Plaza

The first edition of the Tribune was printed here August 7, 1869. The Murray Adobe is much smaller than it was a few years earlier. The subject of the next posting.
©Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune Nov. 20, 1973

The previous two posts showed what the in the 1960s. By 1973 only the lean-to portion remained, the main house replaced by an arbor. What happened? The answer next week. By now you may recognize the building as the Murray Adobe, law office of Tribune founding editor Walter Murray. It is in Mission Plaza between …

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Dec 28

You can leave your hat off, changing fashion in the 1960s

The manitilla used to be common church attire.

Covering the head is a religious custom that can vary depending on doctrine, degree of orthodoxy, local practice and the tenor of the time. Orthodox Jewish men and boys wear the yarmulke. Conservative Muslim women don the hijab. In the late 1960s among the many changes in the air was the lacy mantilla falling out …

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Jun 11

Mission San Luis Obispo, adobe with wood walls – The Leonard Collection

Mission San Luis Obispo circa 1915, when it was covered with wood siding. ©The Tribune from the Leonard collection

A misguided attempt to protect the adobe walls of Mission San Luis Obispo almost destroyed the structure. Building a Mission is a classic 4th grade history project but the story is more complex than most of us learn in 4th grade. Adobe buildings are built with materials at hand, dirt, sand and straw by the …

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Dec 12

Drive through urban planning and Mission Plaza

Mission Plaza 11-10-1970 shortly before dedication, trees are small but the basic construction is done. ©The Tribune/David Ranns

Urban planning is a complex business. Change requires vision, political skill, money and sometimes an out of control egg truck. An ironic turn when you think about it. The town that has outlawed drive through businesses has its most beloved public space courtesy of an unintended drive through. An unbylined story that sounds like the …

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Aug 26

Play it twice Freddie, We Are the Champions

A crowd gathers in San Luis Obispo's Mission Plaza to celebrate college and high school football championships.  Telegram-Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

Unprecedented in the state and perhaps the nation, one city simultaneously celebrated university and high school football championships. The magical season began thirty years ago for Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo High School. San Luis had lost to Lompoc earlier in the season 15-11. The Tigers finished the season with a 7-0 upset win …

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Sep 08

John F. Kennedy assassination

  November 22, 1963 These images turned up while looking through the Kennedy biography folders in the wake of Teddy Kennedy’s death. In the original post outlining newspaper coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy it appeared there had been no local images. These images were probably made by staff photographer Neil Norum …

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Jul 27

First San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival, 1971

August 9, 1971 How often do world class musicians come to your neighborhood? As it turns out, every year since 1971. It began  when Cal Poly professor Clifton Swanson put together a 3 day classical music festival. From the beginning he was able to drew in musicians of stature, from the New Age String Quartet …

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