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Jul 12

Cannon returned to Mission San Miguel

Historic Spanish cannon stolen from Old Mission San Miguel a year ago is welcomed home by Brother Paul (left), Brother Martin (center with glasses) and Father Manuel, standing next to Sheriff Larry Mansfield, in white shirt. ©The Tribune

The negative files from the 1960s are a bit of a mess but sometimes something turns up several months or years after it is written about. To read the previously published story click here. Apparently this isn’t the only cannon that has been misplaced. The one in front of the Veteran’s Hall in San Luis …

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Dec 17

Las Posadas at Mission San Miguel

San Miguel school chldren and a Franciscan padre, from a 1968 picture of San Miguel's Las Posadas celebration. Republished Dec.11, 1976 ©The Tribune

I surprised at how far back some of our images go. Was there was a Tribune photographer at the scene 2,000 years ago for biggest story of the B.C. era? Historians might quibble with the details. Mary and Joseph look a little young. Yes, and the Franciscan order was not founded until 1221 A.D. Another …

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Sep 30

Mission San Miguel

July 20, 1966 The further back you go into the Vault the less organized things are. It should have been easy to match the images of Native Americans dancing at Mission San Miguel with an article. The only article I could find near that date in the microfilm was one about an unrelated subject, the …

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