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May 31

Montana de Oro — trails opened

Labeled "Rancho Montana 1965" from the files of The Tribune. ©The Tribune Moñtana de Oro was a new state park in 1965. There were several articles in the early 60s leading up to the purchase of the park for public use. Local state senator Vernon Sturgeon was one of the leaders who pushed for funding …

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Jul 10

Shark Attack – Jaws crunch board, miss surfer

Cayucos pier lifeguard Casimir Pulaski shows 14-inch jaw imprint left by shark that bit his board off Montana de Oro State Park. July 24, 1982 It is one of the most published photos in the history of the Telegram-Tribune. Picked up by the Associated Press, the image landed on doorsteps in newspapers from Europe to …

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Apr 14

The Free University’s “Be-In”

April 14, 1969 I don’t like everything my son has on his iPod and I don’t expect him to like everything on mine but we don’t call the police when we disagree about music. In the late 1960’s there was a wide gulf between generations.The flash point came on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t the …

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Mar 11

Pete's Dragon on Location near Montaña de Oro

August 2, 1976 For a few weeks Hollywood magic flipped the coasts of the United States and transformed the coast south of Moñtana de Oro State Park into Passamaquoddy, Maine. A lighthouse was built near Point Buchon as part of Pete’s Dragon, the most expensive Walt Disney production to date. Passamaquoddy is the name of …

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Jan 28

1963 Whale

QUITE A CATCH…Well, not really. Actually 14-year-old Billy Ahrendt of Rancho Montana de Oro is attaching a cable to a 20-foot baby California Grey whale that washed up on Hazard beach yesterday. The dead whale had apparently been attacked by sharks. The animal was later hauled away to a tallow works. (Telegram-Tribune photo.) August 6, …

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