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Nov 22

Santa Claus is coming, San Luis Obispo ad 1875

Christmas ad from Nov. 21, 1875 San Luis Obispo Tribune.

One thing I am thankful for, I won’t be shopping Black Friday. I tend to be a last second shopper so if you are one of those who hits the mall early, good luck. Some like to grouse about the commercialization of Christmas. I tend to look at it as a slice of Americana. Advertising …

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Nov 14

Motoring in a Maxwell in San Luis Obispo

WANNA JOIN THE ARMY?…This shot of two army recruiters of World War I was taken as two men posed in an old Maxwell just outside the Stag billiard parlor at the corner of Morro and Monterey, The photo belongs to A.E. Brooking, 1215 Morro. The horse and buggy was still a familiar sight on the streets of San Luis Obispo, in those days there were no parking meters. ©The Tribune

Less than a century ago dirt streets and horses were not hard to find in San Luis Obispo. This unrelated story and photo turn the clock back to 1917. These items were republished in the May 15, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune. Read more about the “>Stag Billiard Parlor here or World War I …

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Jul 03

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad, fine sleeping rooms

Cosmopolitan Hotel ad July, 26, 1876 shortly after the United States turned 100.

[Oops, an correction is in order here, I confused the Cosmopolitan seen here with an earlier post about the Central Hotel which was seen in a photograph from 1883 in an earlier post. Thanks to Jack Krege for phone call.] Over the course of the last two weeks Cosmoplitan Hotel has popped up twice before. …

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Jun 29

Monterey Street stories – San Luis Obispo

May 8, 1968 Telegram-Tribune records the death of the old Cosmopolitan Hotel on Monterey Street.

A few days ago I wrote that this photo had languished in the files of The Tribune, unpublished. A correction is in order; apparently the statement was only half true. The left half of the photo was published in the paper in 1968. The caption under the photo said the historical image was from 1885. …

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Jun 25

Hurrah for the 4th of July, San Luis Obispo 1883

This 4th of July celebration ad ran sideways in the columns of The Tribune in 1883, rotated here for your reading enjoyment.

Monterey Street and not an automobile to be found. The image is spliced together from two copy prints in the Tribune archives. According to penciled notes on the back of the prints the image was scheduled to run on page 8 of the Telegram-Tribune Centurama edition of May 9, 1956. The writing says the print …

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Jun 18

New traffic lights downtown San Luis Obispo

NEW SIGNAL LIGHTS...Workmen today were busily mounting seven new signal lights on Monterey, Higuera and Marsh streets in San Luis Obispo. Scheduled for operation later this month, the synchronized signals are expected to improve the flow of traffic. San Luis Obispo City administrative officer Dick Miller said that a study is being made for other lights.

This just in from the April 9, 1963 edition of the Telegram-Tribune. NEW SIGNAL LIGHTS…Workmen today were busily mounting seven new signal lights on Monterey, Higuera and Marsh streets in San Luis Obispo. Scheduled for operation later this month, the synchronized signals are expected to improve the flow of traffic. City administrative officer Dick Miller …

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Jun 09

Fremont Theater opens, Cal Poly Bachelor’s degrees, World War II week by week


Can I ask a favor? If you think an article is worthwhile could you share a link on your favorite social media? When we had our technology meltdown we were offline for a number of weeks and now need to get the word out we are back. With our blogging technical difficulties resolved it is …

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Nov 02

The movie ‘Stunts’ films in San Luis Obispo

TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - A crowd gathers to watch actors Phil Adam, left, and Candy Rialson escape a stunt car on Monterey St during the filming of the movie 'Stunts.'

Today, it is done with digital magic. Glue a few ping-pong balls on a Lycra suit, have the actors stand in front of a green screen, turn on a fan to get the hair moving, roll the camera. Yeah, we’ll let post-production take care of the background. Sometimes, even the actor is optional. Back in …

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Jun 25

Now playing at the Elmo

SLO Telegram ads for Elmo Theater silent movie "Going Up" Jan.4, 1925.

“If flying interferes with your love-making, swear off flying.” Theater goers with 15 cents in their pocket could head to the Elmo Theater. The advertisement in the Daily Telegram on January 4, 1924 featured veteran silent movie actor Douglas MacLean in the movie, “Going Up”. The ad touts the movie as “Eclipsing the record breaking …

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Jun 07

Tribune motorized press

A page from the August 7, 1969 Centennial Edition of the Telegram-Tribune.

The article below published in the special section celebrating 100th anniversary of the Telegram-Tribune. The Tribune was the older paper, founded in 1869 to support the Republican party and more specifically the judicial aspirations of editor Walter Murray. Benjamin Brooks, another attorney,  took over the Tribune in 1885 and saved it from dire financial straits …

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