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Jan 25

Monterey Street closed

Mission Plaza is born as Monterey Street is closed. David Ranns photo

This Telegram-Tribune front page has been posted here before, but I just found the negatives for the photo. It is hard to imagine the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa without the plaza but a street was the front porch for many almost two centuries. It was a hard fought battle. Public issues often take …

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Jan 11

Acid Rock flashback


As promised in a previous comment, here are a few extra photos left over from a previous post on Acid rock in San Luis Obispo. Photos were by Jim Vestal.

Jan 04

Acid Rock lights up the night


December 3, 1966 Memo to Hipster wannabees: Chances are if you only get style updates from a newspaper you will be several months behind the cutting edge. While newspapers have a voracious appetite for content, by the time they find out about short lived trends the true hipster has already moved on. This story was …

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Aug 18

Maino Construction

1912 This picture is believed to show the first time that a barn or house had been moved in San Luis Obispo by tractor power. It is an ironic twist, up until then horses had done the job. With the advent of the age of oil the market for stables downtown was fading away. In …

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Jun 01

Hero dog foils robbery

There is an old joke in the news business that dog bites man, not news. Man bites dog, now you have a story. This story breaks that rule, here is the unbylined story from February 8, 1969, photo by Michael Raphel. Prince is just a pup, a five-month-old German Sheperd. “He hasn’t even grown into …

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May 21

World War 1 bond drives

  A decorated vehicle of World War I vintage was used as a float in a bond drive parade. It is pictured here moving up Monterey St. in front of the Stag Billiard Parlor. The original picture came from Zaidee Andrews. As Memorial day arrives a few notes from 1918.They called it the Great War …

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Dec 24

Winter wonderland


  Snow on the streets of San Luis Obispo in 1922. The unidentified guys appear to be arming themselves for a snowball fight. The next image is Monterey street looking toward the Mission standing at about Court Street. Again guys find snow an irresistable excuse to make and throw snowballs. Correct me if I am …

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Dec 22

1964 Christmas Parade, Monterey St.


ALL WRAPPED UP… John Somogyi gift wrapped himself for San Luis Obispo Christmas parade. December 14, 1964 Photographers go to a lot of parades. I mean we photograph a LOT of parades. The late-lamented Mardi Gras, a great parade. Epic. It had creativity, color, energy and the understanding that if you have a parade at …

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Dec 18

1913 Pacific Coast Amusement Co. Pool Hall


  January 28, 1913 Photography was still enough of a novelty that everyone would stop what they were doing for a photograph. Another reason to stand still was technical. The exposure was a combination of flash (probably powder) and a long time exposure to gather light from the fixtures. Movement during the exposure would blur …

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Oct 31

1968 San Luis Obispo at night

August 10, 1968 Nights are getting longer, daylight saving time is ending and lights are taking effect. The 1960’s were the golden age for neon signs. The view of Monterey Street shows signs in front of the Fremont and Obispo theaters and the Anderson Hotel. The light pollution spraying into the sky makes it hard …

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