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Jun 26

Downtown Morro Bay 1963

Downtown Morro Bay 1963 ©The Tribune.

Mar 23

Underwater Easter egg hunt Morro Bay


When this story was first posted in Photos From the Vault the original 1968 story was not included. Family Editor Linnea Waltz wrote this story April 11, 1968: MORRO BAY— Clear water, warm weather and eager kids demonstrated togetherness Tuesday afternoon at the Morro Bay High School pool. The idea was to get as many …

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Dec 07

The end of horse and buggy days, the stage from San Luis to San Simeon

Pettenger's hamburger stand at the corner of Osos and Marsh Streets owned by A.M. (Bert) Pettenger. Later called Dad's.

Technology changes and the job you thought you had is gone. I hear that one all the time. How about a job that only lasts one year? Elliot Curry told the story in the Telegram-Tribune March 22, 1968: Auto killed San Simeon run Pettenger’s short-lived stage line Two young fellows from Iowa stopped at the …

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Oct 18

Morro Bay Museum opens 50 years ago

Morro Bay Natural History Museum under construction July 19, 1961. © The Tribune

Fifty years ago the Morro Bay Natural History Museum was dedicated. Admission was 25 cents for adults. Adult admission price has gone up since then to $3 but the displays are a whole lot better as well. When the facility was dedicated the view of the bay was the best part, now there are interactive …

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Sep 01

Amphibious Training Base in Morro Bay, World War II week by week

August 28, 1942 Telegram-Tribune tells of an accident at Morro Rock that killed a construction worker. A Navy amphibious landing training facility was being built there.

The third anniversary of the outbreak of war in Europe was coming up on September 1 and the Telegram-Tribune had a special supplement including precious maps due out that day. Word was put out before one of Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside chats early in the war that listeners ought to have an atlas handy to follow …

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Jul 06

Morro Bay Power Plant construction

General Electric Stator, Highway 1, Camp San Luis Obispo, Hollister Peak

California has seen population growth on a scale not experienced by other states for most of its existence. Only recently have the growth numbers flattened. In the 1950s the growth trend line was accelerating as the baby boom was added to immigration into the Golden State. Not only were the raw numbers expanding but there …

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Apr 09

Morro Bay Power Plant parts on parade

INCHING THROUGH MORRO BAY... The huge generator stator, aboard its 82-tire trailer, touched state highway 1 for the last time as it crossed the coast route at Sixth street in Morro Bay yesterday afternoon. As workmen tediously continued to pick up and put down planks under the 220-ton load, Beyla Truck company's big truck tractor inched the steel giant closer to its destination, the PG&E power plant opposite Morro rock. Curious groups of Morro Bay residents lined the path of the heavy equipment as it approached a short but steep hill leading down to the waterfront level where Bechtel corporation is building the power plant. Three large trucks and a heavy winch unit later were used to anchor and ease the load down the grade. It was delivered safely, without mishap last night after an eight-day move from Camp San Luis Obispo's railroad siding. (©T-T photo) published December 24, 1954

Happy Jack’s bar is at the left as workers use poles to keep the equipment from snagging on utility lines. The explosive growth in California after World War II put a strain on utilities to keep up with demand. The power plant in Morro Bay was one of several new electric generation facilities that PG&E …

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Mar 15

Snow blankets the hills on Highway 41 between Atascadero and Morro Bay

Snow covers fields along Highway 41, winter scene at Antone J. Chves ranch between Morro Bay and Atascadero. ©Jim Vestal/Telegram-Tribune

Afternoon papers put special pressure on finding images the same day. If snow fell a phone call might come in before sunrise to get out and find a picture by first light and hustle back to the paper to develop, edit and print so the presses could run at noon with a picture from the …

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Feb 14

Morro Bay Power Plant

PG&E's Morro Bay Powerplant. The first smokestack. From 7-7-1955 dedication edition of the Telegram-Tribune

When the Morro Bay Power Plant generated its first kilowatt it was an engineering marvel, even if it had only one smokestack. The special section published July 7, 1955 as the plant built by PG&E plant opened contains a lot of eye openers. According to the Bechtel advertisement the plant’s desalting component was believed to …

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Feb 06

The Ship Cafe in Morro Bay, shipboard dining in the 1920s

Morro Bay in the late 1920s had far fewer business options.

Here is a quirky design lost to history. Ship on a stick, or sticks. The rock is familiar but today there is a more solid causeway leading out to it. This is a digital scan of postcard for sale on the internet with a postmark of 1931. The inscription reads “Morro Rock, higher than Woolworth …

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