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Nov 14

Motoring in a Maxwell in San Luis Obispo

WANNA JOIN THE ARMY?…This shot of two army recruiters of World War I was taken as two men posed in an old Maxwell just outside the Stag billiard parlor at the corner of Morro and Monterey, The photo belongs to A.E. Brooking, 1215 Morro. The horse and buggy was still a familiar sight on the streets of San Luis Obispo, in those days there were no parking meters. ©The Tribune

Less than a century ago dirt streets and horses were not hard to find in San Luis Obispo. This unrelated story and photo turn the clock back to 1917. These items were republished in the May 15, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune. Read more about the “>Stag Billiard Parlor here or World War I …

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Sep 12

The Telegram-Tribune building falls over, or did it jump?

Model T cars can be seen in the showroom window. The former W.T. Reid Ford dealership at 1240 Morro Street would later be a newspaper office from 1924-1958 including the Telegram-Tribune. ©The Tribune

Can a brick and mortar building have feelings or a soul? Long time writer Elliot Curry wrote an elegy for the former home of the Telegram-Tribune on Nov. 11, 1967: After deadline T-T’s old home coming down Another “deadline has come around at 1240 Morro Street. The old home of the Telegram-Tribune is coming down. …

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Mar 12

Broadway at the Elmo, Spice of 1922

Spice 1922 is promoted in the Daily Telegram Sept. 4, 1923.

A giant woman dances in a skimpy outfit amid windmills. Stylish to be sure but why are  over 20 chorus girls singing, dressed in Dutch costumes complete with wooden shoes. Starved for entertainment — is the first phrase that springs to mind. It was the era before television. Movies were in black and white and …

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Apr 03

Laughery Hotel, Higuera and Morro Streets

Undated photo of The Laughery Hotel at the corner of Higuera and Morro streets. The corner was once home to the Golden State Hotel (1935-1940), Cal Photo, and now the Apple Store. The photo is pre-automobile but post telegraph/telephone. The May 5, 1894 editon of The Tribune carried ads for a half dozen hotels including …

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Dec 18

1913 Pacific Coast Amusement Co. Pool Hall


  January 28, 1913 Photography was still enough of a novelty that everyone would stop what they were doing for a photograph. Another reason to stand still was technical. The exposure was a combination of flash (probably powder) and a long time exposure to gather light from the fixtures. Movement during the exposure would blur …

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