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Jun 24

The filming of Boris Sagal’s “1,000 Plane Raid”

Stunt pilot flys a B-17 bomber at treetop level over a faux English airfield built in Santa Maria for the movie "1,000 Plane Raid". ©The Tribune/Jim Vestal

Tribune librarian Sharon Morem found a set of fascinating 35mm negatives in the bottom of a folder marked with an illegible scrawl. The first glassine sleeve appeared to read “’1,000 P+ei Raid’ Movie #1″ and the rest had less information, only numbered 2-4. The images showed impressive B-17 bomber stunt flying below the eucalyptus treetops …

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Jun 12

Uncovering Moses of Guadalupe, Cecil B. DeMille films Ten Commandments in 1923

Glen Wharton shows a portion of Cecil B. DeMille's set for the 1923 movie The Ten Commandments, filmed in the Guadalupe Dunes. The set had been buried in sand for over 65 years when it was uncovered in the 1990.
©The Tribune/David Middlecamp

Is it archeology when the artifacts are actually movie prop replicas made of plaster? Ancient Egypt has long captured the imagination of story tellers and in 1923 Cecil B. DeMille was setting the standard for epic movies, before color and sound had come into the picture. He would later remake the epic story in color …

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Apr 13

Remembering Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters in a 1998 provided photograph.

There is a little less laughter in the world. Jonathan Winters a brilliantly inventive force of comedy passed away yesterday, April 11, 2013 at the age of 87. The San Luis Obispo film festival honored veteran director Stanley Kramer and friend Jonathan Winters came up from his Montecito home for the celebration. Winters was one …

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Feb 13

As time goes by, Casablanca movie advertisement

Advertisements for the movies Cat People and Casablanca from January 1943.

How do you measure movie success? Cat People was so good in 1942, that it was remade 40 years later with Nastassja Kinski in the title role. Casablanca was never remade. Cat People uses poster type that looks fuzzy or was clawed by cats. Casablanca does not. The Cat People lead actress was Simone Simon …

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Nov 16

‘Full Metal Jacket’ author Gustav Hasford and his book collection

Author Gustav Hasford proudly shows off his book collection. When he toted up overdue fines of $3,000 he was reported to police by local librarians.

If you love old bookstores you know the smell. The scent of bookbinder’s glue, old pages and stories, lots of stories. The aroma permeated the storage locker as I took photos of author Gustav Hasford. San Luis Obispo storage locker would later yield more than one story. It began innocently enough. Hasford had written the …

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Jan 24

Grumpy old men in Los Osos, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, Odd Couple II

Jack Lemmon (Felix Ungar) gets some makeup sprucing up for a scene in the film The Odd Couple II during filming near Turri Road, Los Osos. ©Telegram-Tribune/Jayson Mellom

According to IMDB it is the second most popular movie filmed in Los Osos.  As usual the curse of San Luis Obispo County was on this movie. It is my contention that movies filmed in the region end up being mediocre though “Sideways” would be my one exception. The top ranked IMDB Los Osos movie? …

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Nov 02

The movie ‘Stunts’ films in San Luis Obispo

TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - A crowd gathers to watch actors Phil Adam, left, and Candy Rialson escape a stunt car on Monterey St during the filming of the movie 'Stunts.'

Today, it is done with digital magic. Glue a few ping-pong balls on a Lycra suit, have the actors stand in front of a green screen, turn on a fan to get the hair moving, roll the camera. Yeah, we’ll let post-production take care of the background. Sometimes, even the actor is optional. Back in …

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Oct 21

Danger at Exposition Park Race Track

Click here to view the embedded video. The specter of death has hovered over auto racing from its earliest days. Though many of the advancements in automotive engineering can be traced to lessons learned in the crucible of competition, the knowledge has had a price in human lives. From hydraulic brakes to crumple zones many …

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Jun 25

Now playing at the Elmo

SLO Telegram ads for Elmo Theater silent movie "Going Up" Jan.4, 1925.

“If flying interferes with your love-making, swear off flying.” Theater goers with 15 cents in their pocket could head to the Elmo Theater. The advertisement in the Daily Telegram on January 4, 1924 featured veteran silent movie actor Douglas MacLean in the movie, “Going Up”. The ad touts the movie as “Eclipsing the record breaking …

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Jun 19

James Dean Death an Accident Jury Finds

Rick Young of Los Angeles closes one eye and tries to line up a photographic transparency of the James Dean accident with the hills above James Dean Junction. This was the 50th anniversary of the fatal crash.
©The Tribune/David Middlecamp

I attended the 50th anniversary of the fatal crash September 30, 2005. It was a surreal scene, replica cars, a James Dean impersonator and the actor’s fans arrived at the memorial in Cholame then drove to the remote intersection where the accident  took place. Fans walked along with little children on the busy highways trying …

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