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May 29

Dunite Days in the Oceano Dunes

Ellwood Decker was an artist and one of the last of the dunites. ©Telegram-Tribune/Sharon Lewis Dickerson

Ephemeric characters flash through history like shooting stars, rarely remembered beyond their days. Visionaries, dreamers and mystics rarely get remembered. Usually that honor goes to industrialists, generals, politicians and entertainers. Dreams aren’t worth a memorial if no one made a buck off it or won a battle. A rare exception is coming up. The first …

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Aug 29

1966 Oceano Dunes

People have had big ideas for the Oceano Dunes for a long time. The Chumash Indians were the last sustained civilization on the dunes, living on the abundant clams and fish. In the early 1900′s real estate speculator’s maps carved the beach up into lots. On July 4, 1907 a celebration was held at a …

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Mar 12

Great Race 1964

    December 1, 1964 Most films get the kiss of box office mediocrity when they choose the Central Coast as a location. Arachnophobia, My Blue Heaven, The Monster of Piedras Blancas, I Know who Killed Me, The Great Race, film it here and the movie will more likely flop than fly. Ain’t a Citizen …

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Feb 27

1965 Oceano Dunes

    WELCOME OFFER… Mrs. Evelyn Tallman of the Pismo Beach Dune Riders offers a ride to Mrs. Duncan Jackson and Dr. William E. Siri. January 16, 1965 Brace yourselves. The Sierra Club and the Pismo Beach Dune Riders once had the same goal for the Oceano Dunes. It took PG&E to put them on …

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Jan 31

Cal Poly Nuclear Reactor 1963

January 19, 1963 The first nuclear reactor in the county wasn’t at Diablo Canyon, it was at Cal Poly. The equipment was labeled Universal Nuclear which sounds like a company James Bond worked for. I’m still waiting for the promised electric power too cheap to meter. This facility has since been decommissioned. Can any Cal …

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