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Apr 06

San Luis Obispo city hall dedication

City Hall in San Luis Obispo is celebrated the day before dedication in a special issue of the Telegram-Tribune May 2, 1952.

A little over 60 years ago there was a lot happening in San Luis Obispo. One storm had brought a dusting of snow and another had brought flooding. Atmospheric atomic weapons tests in Nevada were lighting the night sky and the freeway and Atascadero State Hospital were under construction. A smiling U.S. Senator Richard Nixon …

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Sep 24

Shanghi Low no longer part of the skyline

ODD MIX: Chris Cothard stands outside his Palindromes pizza restaurant beneath the historical but unrelated "Chop Suey' sign. He says it has misled and angered some customers. The photo was from a story published Nov. 25, 1996 ©Telegram-Tribune/Jayson Mellom

Thirteen years after the following story was written the Shanghi Low building is laid low. The area is part of the Copeland’s Chinatown redevelopment slated for much of this block. On May 12, 1999 Telegram-Tribune reporter Mike Stover wrote about plans to knock down the brick building with the Shanghi Low Chop Suey sign on …

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Jul 07

Segregation in San Luis Obispo, World War II week by week

Headlines from July 7, 1942 in the Telegram-Tribune.

Nazi troops led by General Rommel were threatening to take Cairo, Egypt. They hoped to drive the British out of North Africa and open the way to the rich oil fields of the Middle East. Russian troops were also on the defensive as attacks pressed for a city renamed in honor of the Soviet leader, …

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Apr 07

Chong’s homemade candies

Early day candy-making stove used by Chong may become a planter and be on display at the new Archimedia store in the Chong building. Published Jan. 4, 1979. Photo by Wayne Nicholls ©2010 The Tribune

Richard Chong’s home made candy store has been fondly remembered by regular readers of this column. The brick building at the corner of Palm and Chorro streets was a favorite stop for many. There were several articles in the file. My favorite was this one was published November 28, 1974 written by Telegram-Tribune staff writer …

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Dec 14

San Luis Obispo, Palm St. 1964


 July 16 1964 San Luis Obispo County Courthouse Annex looking bright and new but there is another building where the City/County Library is now.