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Jun 17

Paso Robles land rush 1982

Prospective land buyers lined up for free breakfast in Paso Robles Saturday morning. Hot air balloon marked the sale site. ©Phil Dirkx/The Tribune.

This week the Tribune publishes a five part series on water. The seeds for the issue were being planted in the late 20th Century as Paso Robles expanded to the east side of the Salinas River. The property values seem economical when you look back 30 years but property buyers at the time also had …

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Aug 10

“Attention! This is the Hair Police! Come out with your sideburns trimmed!”

Telegram-Tribune page published Dec. 10 1968 documenting protests.

High school administrators dream of the days when the biggest controversy on campus was hair length. Today they juggle funding issues, test scores, curriculum as well as drugs, campus violence, gangs, teen pregnancy…hey I don’t see haircuts anywhere on this list. This story ripped from the headlines show Jon Dallons, 15, with a Beatle style …

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