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Jun 17

Paso Robles land rush 1982

Prospective land buyers lined up for free breakfast in Paso Robles Saturday morning. Hot air balloon marked the sale site. ©Phil Dirkx/The Tribune.

This week the Tribune publishes a five part series on water. The seeds for the issue were being planted in the late 20th Century as Paso Robles expanded to the east side of the Salinas River. The property values seem economical when you look back 30 years but property buyers at the time also had …

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Jun 14

1990 Development in Paso Robles

A carpenter is hard at work on a tract house that's going up along Bridgegate Lane just off South River Road in Paso Robles.
©The Tribune/David Middlecamp

Water has been the keystone to new development in the county for decades. Drought conditions slowed an accelerated pace of development in obviously water limited coastal communities. Paso Robles was another story. In 1989 Paso Robles set a record for new home construction in the county. In a March 1, 1990 article the town was …

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May 31

Building Niblick Bridge in Paso Robles

Municipal Services Director Jay Lyon checks progress on the Niblick bridge. His tenure began with the 13th Street Bridge.

When Jay Lyon retired as Paso Robles municipal services director it was a chance to review accomplishments and predict the future. Phil Dirkx wrote a story and sidebar that ran February 26, 1987 and here are a few of the highlights. Jay Lyon, Paso Robles municipal services director will finish his city career the same …

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Mar 12

Searching for a photo in an almond sack


Now that Photos From the Vault has been on the scene for a few years it is fairly common to get questions from folks wanting reprints of historic events. Usually the request is very specific but our filing system is not. Here is an example; a reporter juggling taking notes and pictures likely made the …

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Mar 07

Ernst Brothers storehouse and Sperry Flour Mill, Paso Robles

Ernst Brothers grain warehouse slated for demolition.

Wheat was once among the royalty of the cash crops in the region but now it is not even in the top 20. Look at the list of agricultural products in the 2011 crop statistics report put out by the county and very little of it is dry land farming. One of those end of …

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Jan 06

New Governor Earl Warren, rationing World War II week by week

Headlines from the Telegram-Tribune Jan. 4, 1943 as Earl Warren is sworn in.

Republican Earl Warren was sworn in as California’s 30th governor in 1943. In San Francisco 139 of the city’s 500 meat markets were closed due to a lack of red mead due to rationing. Many butchers were quitting to take war related jobs. The San Luis Obispo Post Office released numbers backing their previous statement …

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Sep 29

Air war, World War II week by week

The air war a big part of the Telegram-Tribune front page as well as the continuing battle in Stalingrad on May 19, 1942.

Bomber crews were taking the fight to German targets. Britain and Germany had learned from bitter experience that bombers little better than big explosive targets for a well-trained group of fighter squadrons. The technology to escort bombers deep into enemy territory was still in development and American bomber crews would now pay for that shortcoming. …

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Sep 16

Labor shortages and leg makeup, World War II week by week

Ad for Helena Rubinstein's leg makeup from the Sept. 3, 1942 Telegram-Tribune

World War II would drastically change society on the home front. Some changes were temporary and frivolous. Silk was needed for parachutes and rubber for tires; stockings were no longer on the shelves. The ingenuity of the cosmetics industry came to the aid of fashion conscious women. Leg makeup. You could even draw a seam …

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Jul 27

Crowning Miss San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County Fair

Fair director Bill Hartzell crowns Paulette Camsuzou as maid of San Luis Obispo County August 13, 1969. ©Telegram-Tribune Photo by Mike Raphael

Fair season is a time to suspend the normal rules. Go ahead, wear high heels with a swim suit. Have a rock concert in a rodeo arena. Stand in line for just about everything. Wear clean white pants while leading around livestock. See livestock that are groomed better than one or more spectators. Deep fry …

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Jun 06

Why Ray Bradbury loved libraries, dedication in Paso Robles

At the Paso Robles library dedication featured speaker was author Ray Bradbury.© David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Beside his typewriter was a sign that said “Don’t Think.” Prolific author Ray Bradbury came to the Central Coast on several occasions, Telegram-Tribune reporter Patrick O’Sullivan documented a visit to Hancock College in Oct. 1985. “We are ideas bursting to be born,” Bradbury said. “You are the idea beasts of time.” He advocated writing fast …

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