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May 06

Morro Bay Power Plant smokestack

THE STACK IS HIGH…This dramatic photo of a rigger, Arval Ady, dangling 15 feet below the top of PG&E's 450-foot smokestack was taken last March by Telegram-Tribune photographer Fen Truebridge who had just previously been hoisted up through the giant chimney's brick-lined interior. The power plant building is shown at the top left. This picture …

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Sep 16

San Luis Obispo Gasworks

Gasworks building seen from Pismo Street in San Luis Obispo. David Middlecamp ©The Tribune

Recent headlines from San Bruno are a reminder that decisions buried underground 50 years ago have consequences today. Our daily modern conveniences, water heaters, dishwashers, clothes dryers, washing machines are recent innovations that rely on a dependable and affordable utility system. The early days of utilities had little regulation for the safety of workers, the …

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May 18

$$$ Generating tax dollars

A share for all — San Luis Obispo School District Superintendent Ronald Notley, left, smiles today as he accepts a replica of Morro Bay Pacific Gas and Electric plant from William Newman, Morro School District superintendent. Tax revenue from the plant, which formerly went to the Morro district, will be shared by the new unified district. Published Feb 10, 1965.  ©2010 The Tribune

February 10, 1965 How blatant can you get? A power plant puffing dollar signs into the atmosphere? Abstract concept stories are difficult to illustrate with concrete images. The posed photo, heavy in symbolism was fairly typical of that era. Newspapers were moving away from that style toward a more candid storytelling approach but the history …

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Mar 15

Diablo Canyon reactor vessel installed


Atomic energy was a growth industry in the 1960s. In San Luis Obispo County, nuclear electric plants were proposed on the Nipomo Dunes and near Cayucos before construction began at Diablo Canyon. The state was undergoing a dizzying growth cycle and utilities were moving to stay ahead of projected demand. PG&E had wanted to build …

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Jan 08

Improvements at the gas works

Gas stove ad from the San Luis Obispo Tribune 1876

UPDATE: So far this is the earliest documentation of gas works I have discovered in San Luis Obispo. It appears that the gas has been on for at about a year and stores were beginning to sell gas stoves and would contract to install a gas line into the house. As previously discussed here, ten …

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Jan 02

Now you’re cookin’ with gas

San Luis Gas & Electric Ad May 14, 1907

May 14, 1907 A little over 100 years ago gas companies were in a bad way. Electricity was proving to be an effective competitor for street lighting franchises and home owners were making the same choice. Why send out lamp lighting staffs to light in the street lamps every evening and shut the valves in …

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Aug 23

Diablo Reactor vessel

July 12, 1971 Earlier this month Diablo Canyon showed off a new reactor vessel head. The massive 70-ton unit took three weeks to travel by highway from Mt. Vernon Indiana. Quoting David Sneed’s copy The vessel head is one of the main components of a nuclear reactor and maintains pressure within the water cooled reactor. …

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Jul 15

The Death of Solar Clothes Dryers

1966 When I was growing up every house had a solar clothes dryer in the back yard, even in the cities that had winter snow. Solar dryers worked well unless the fog came in or the birds flew by, or the dog pulled the laundry down. It is hard work carting baskets of wet laundry …

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Jun 12

Morro Bay Power Plant built

This undated print from our files shows the construction of the electric power plant in Morro Bay. The towering smoke stacks are 450 feet tall. According to HeritageShared.org  construction on the first electric power generating unit in Morro Bay began in October 1953. California’s population was booming in the post World War II era and …

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Mar 11

Pete's Dragon on Location near Montaña de Oro

August 2, 1976 For a few weeks Hollywood magic flipped the coasts of the United States and transformed the coast south of Moñtana de Oro State Park into Passamaquoddy, Maine. A lighthouse was built near Point Buchon as part of Pete’s Dragon, the most expensive Walt Disney production to date. Passamaquoddy is the name of …

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