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Jul 19

Pismo Pier plans from the past

Artists rendering of what the Pismo Beach pier could become from 1988.

Pismo Beach is currently setting goals for the future of downtown. At one time there was talk of putting commercial space on the diamonds of the pier, newly rebuilt from storm damage. The artist can’t seem to decide if it is summer (left side of pier) or winter. The prevailing wind appears to be opposite …

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May 22

El Pizmo Inn

This post card was in a Paso Robles file with no caption information. Printed on the back was “Alsup Studio Paso Robles, Calif.” Only problem was the building didn’t look like one from Paso Robles. The low heavy fog, dune scrub growth and lack of oak trees made Paso Robles less likely for the location. …

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Jan 03

Blasting Highway 101 near Pismo Beach

MOUNTAIN MOVERS...Giant explosion rips away outcropping of stubborn rock during fill operations at the new Avila Beach road undercrossing site adjacent to U.S. Highway 101 on Wednesday afternoon. The charge, biggest shot in the project so far, scattered huge boulders for hundreds of feet. Traffic was backed up for more than a mile as workers took 15 minutes to clear the rubble from the roadway. ©The Tribune

We take it for granted, passing by at 65 miles per hour. The notch in the hill between San Luis Creek and Pismo Beach is not a natural feature, it been shaped and carved. On Sept. 26, 1963 Telegram-Tribune staff writer Tom Harris wrote about the work: New Route for 101 The face-lifting job freeway …

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Oct 27

Pismo Jubalee by the Sea at Halloween

Yankee Wailer Bill Wood wears his Halloween costume at the ninth first annual Jubilee by the Sea in Pismo Beach. ©The Tribune/Tony Hertz

One of the more enjoyable assignments for a photographer, music fan, is the Pismo Beach Jubilee by the Sea. Bands come from all over the United States as well and music lovers. Sometimes it is hard to capture the feel of the sometimes zany music in a photo, unless the date falls near Halloween.

Oct 19

Getting clammy in Pismo Beach, a brief history of the Clam Festival

Ural Foresee, a veteran of 40 Clam Festivals, poses with one of Pismo's concrete replicas. Published Nov 6, 1986 photo by Mark Buchman/Telegram-Tribune

Fall is festival season on the Central Coast and this weekend Pismo Beach hosts the 66th annual edition of the Clam Festival. Even though there are few of the bivalves under the sand today the title Clamless Festival does not have the same appeal. Telegram-Tribune reporter Mark Buchman wrote about some of the event’s history …

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Oct 05

Price Anniversary House, before it was restored

The wood covering for the three-gabled house was destroyed by fire a few years after this story and now little is left of the adobe walls. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

In the historical preservation process there are happy endings and sad ones. The Price Anniversary house looks a whole lot better than it did in 1987. The story headline was optimistic. It has taken years and a series of efforts by many volunteers but now the once dilapidated house is the centerpiece of a park. …

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Sep 21

Bridge to the past, the ghost of Highway 1

Built in 1912-13 the Bello Street Bridge immediately pressed into service as part of the original Coast Route. ©Mark Hall-Patton/Telegram-Tribune

You may occasionally see Mark Hall-Patton on the TV show Pawnstars. Before he became administrator of three county museums in the Las Vegas area he administered the San Luis Obispo County Historical Society and wrote a south county history column for the Telegram-Tribune. Though the clipping was undated the photo is stamped Jan. 28, 1988. …

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Sep 17

John Bell, life on the beach

Title John Bell, old hermit of Pismo Beach—1901. Insurance and Trust Company (LOS ANGELES) Collection of Historical Photographs

Sometimes the clipping is not with the photo in the files. Pity. This man has a story to tell. Standing barefoot in the sand a bearded man squints at the photographer. A shack with a roof of tule reeds and sides of thatched tules and canvas tent. Heat is provided by a tin stove that …

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Sep 06

Election turn out counts, winning by one vote

Pismo Beach Mayor Nebb Eldwayen savors his single-vote victory over Scovil Hubbard. ©Tony Hertz/Telegram-Tribune

It is easy to get lazy or cynical about elections. All of that political hype and advertising makes me want to pull the plug on the television, telephone and Teletype. Yes, I have a Teletype in every billiard room of my mobile home. All newspaper employees do. Kidding aside, your vote can make a difference. …

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Jul 18

Pismo Heights Property For Sale, Rustic Bungalows $690

Pismo Heights property for sale, million dollar views for much, much less. ©The Tribune

Pismo Heights is the neighborhood above Judkins Middle School. Many of the street names are from San Joaquin valley towns. This photo ran in the November 26, 1992 South County edition of the then Telegram-Tribune but the image looks to be from the late 20s or early 30s. The print also had a penciled note …

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