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Feb 13

Pismo Beach Fashion 1900s, Leonard collection

Women's and men's beach fashion circa 1900 at Pismo Beach.

This appears to be he height of beach fashion at Pismo Beach circa early 1900s. The flat beach leads me to guess Pismo Beach, a destination for tourists after the railroad went through in the early 20th century. The man is wearing a handsome two piece swim suit while the woman has on a stylish …

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Jan 16

Biplane over Pismo Beach, California aviation before baggage fees

Biplane lands circa 1911 at Pismo Beach. © The Tribune

A yellow biplane is a regular sight today off the coast of Pismo Beach but the coast’s aviation dates back over 100 years earlier. This picture postcard from the files of the Tribune has scrawled on the back  in pencil instructions for publication – “2 col” and a few scant words of caption information. “Landed …

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Nov 19

Georgie and Bill O’Connor

Georgie and Bill O'Connor were named Grand Marshals of the 1983 Harvest Festival. They were the youngest Grand Marshals ever at the time. © Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune 9-29-1983

Bill and Georgie O’Connor have been part of the South County Community for as long as most anyone can remember. Bill was Arroyo Grande’s Citizen of the Year in 1987. Both were named the youngest Grand Marshals of the Harvest Festival in 1983. Georgie just retired at age 88, from the Lucia Mar school board …

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Oct 25

The story of Clint, the F. McLintocks cowboy

Telegram-Tribune Focus section published June 25, 1983.

I keep an eye on the wood carved cowboy that surveys the Pacific Ocean from the F. McLintocks parking lot. The other day a man was refinishing it I and stopped to make a feature photo. My first professional story was written about the carving and sold to a local magazine. In the days before …

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Sep 13

Too much information

Signs block the view at a construction zone in Pismo Beach on Highway 101. Wayne Nicholls Published 11-12-1977 ©The Tribune

Sign sign everywhere a sign Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign This Wayne Nicholls photo could have been inspired by the single “Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band. According to their website, the 70s anthem was originally released as the B side of …

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Aug 30

Biplane races car

Daily Telegram July 10, 1911

Aviation pioneers had a strong attraction to the soft landings provided by sand dunes. The Wright Brothers had Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Fred Wiseman had Pismo Beach. Thanks to Paso Robles blogger, Dave Skinner, for sharing the link to more Wiseman information. In December 1903 Orville and Wilbur first took to the sky. Inspired by …

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Aug 28

Great Biplane and Automobile Race at Pizmo Beach

July 6, 1911 Daily Telegram

Have you heard? Big doings Sunday in Pizmo Beach. Mix gasoline with testosterone and you get racing blood. We see it all the time today, cars on the beach, a yellow biplane flying overhead but this story-line is almost a century old. Turn the calendar back to 1911 when both modes of transportation were in …

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Aug 08

Oilport, before it was Shell Beach part 2

Daily Tribune December 10, 1907

Tales retold several times often wander from the truth, it is always good to get as close to the original source as possible. The now forgotten 1907 community of Oilport is often recalled in stories that use “tidal wave”. When the words Tidal Wave or Tsunami surface in a story it has the potential to …

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Feb 17

Chumash Archeology in Pismo Beach, 1969

SMALL MESH SCREEN HELPS REVEAL CLUES TO PAST LIFE Annamaria Enberg, Nancy Williams, Irene Annoni sift.

Mankind’s curiosity had lead to the first moon landing a few days earlier. Closer to home archeologists were exploring the past. This was an unusual dig, it was not spurred by construction pressure and was a largely volunteer effort. Archeology is often funded by a wealthy patron or if the work has enough general interest, …

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Dec 11

1966 Christmas


1966 This image was too good to pass up. A boatload of vintage cars, including in my imperfect car identification,  Corvair, T-Bird, Imperial, Chevy and Rambler. Add to this classic decorations on the boulevard strung between a forest of telegraph poles. Only problem is I don’t know anything about the image. Jack Wilson and Jim …

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