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Jan 12

Save a life with a knife, New Southern Pacific station, World War II week by week

The Telegram-Tribune of January 9, 1943 had an unusually high number of war related local stories.

Sixteen stories were jammed onto the front page January 9, 1943. The new railroad station in San Luis Obispo was scheduled to start construction January 11. The new building was estimated to be $50,000 and a total cost of $96,000 to move the old wood frame building and tracks. A centralized traffic control system had …

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Jan 06

New Governor Earl Warren, rationing World War II week by week

Headlines from the Telegram-Tribune Jan. 4, 1943 as Earl Warren is sworn in.

Republican Earl Warren was sworn in as California’s 30th governor in 1943. In San Francisco 139 of the city’s 500 meat markets were closed due to a lack of red mead due to rationing. Many butchers were quitting to take war related jobs. The San Luis Obispo Post Office released numbers backing their previous statement …

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Dec 29

Hoarding Spam, World War II week by week

The Telegram-Tribune carried headlines of wartime hoarding Dec. 28, 1942.

Rationing would take effect as 1943 was about to dawn and in San Luis Obispo there was a run on canned meat. Local shoppers were suspected of hoarding. San Luis Obispo postmaster William C. O’Donnell said that Christmas volume was the highest ever. Special trains were scheduled to pick up the extra mail. Official word …

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Dec 24

Cal Poly hosts navy flight school, World War II week by week

A naval flight school was announced for Cal Poly Dec. 17, 1942.

The December 17, 1942 edition of the Telegram-Tribune contained good news for Cal Poly. The college had been threatened with closure at various times during its early history but now it had a war assignment. The U.S. Navy chose Cal Poly as one of 20 colleges with Naval Flight Preparatory schools. A minimum of 600 …

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Dec 13

Swift completion of their appointed rounds, behind the scenes at a mail sorting center

Clerk Michele Lipman of Santa Barbara gathers mail that has been sorted into bins by machine and arranges it in trays for next step in processing.
©Ken Chen/Telegram-Tribune published Feb 25, 1981

Computers cut the number of jobs needed to hand sort mail. Later they cut the number of pieces of mail when folks began to send e-cards and connect on social networking sites. But you still need humans to deliver the mail. I am not sure if this system has been replaced by another technology but …

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Jun 22

J.J. Simmler, postmaster

Dead letter office, San Luis Obispo Tribune advertisement from 1883 by J.J. Simmler.

Most of the mail in my box is computer addressed advertising junk, much of which goes straight to the recycle bin. I try not to bring it in the house but most days it stacks up on the counter, waiting to be taken out. To the sender I am a demographic number. My address, zip …

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Aug 19

Early days of the San Luis Obispo post office


Civilization arrives with the post office. When you can send and receive mail your town is no longer howling wilderness, it is on the map. The 1890 Tribune took a moment to review the American history of the San Luis Obispo Post Office as it moved to a new building on Higuera Street. The town …

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Dec 13

Post office Christmas rush 1968

Waiting in line at the main post office on Marsh St. in 1968.

Christmas rush at the post office 1968.

Aug 11

1963 Zip Code controversy


August 7, 1963 Ripped from the headlines of the Telegram-Tribune, Zip Code is a hoax! All these years you have been addressing letters, filling in forms and typing in boxes numbers that don’t do anything. At least that is the thrust of this semi-humorous article by staff writer Gil Bailey. Zip codes became the way …

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Apr 09

Six Cent Stamps

    THIS IS WHAT YOUR NEW 6-CENT STAMP WILL LOOK LIKE Veteran San Luis Obispo postal clerk Ray Warren shows new stamp design. January 5, 1968 Hang on to your coin purses, first class postal rates just went up 20%. How much you ask? A whopping penny. This was back when there was only …

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