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Feb 25

Lincoln hates booze

The Daily Telegram never lost an opportunity to scold readers about the evils of drink. This house ad is from Sept. 30, 1911.

When the Daily Telegram was founded in 1905 it was a temperance newspaper. It never lost an opportunity to scold readers on the evils of drink. Here the editors typeset a quote from one of the beloved icons of history and tried to bend it to to their cause. A quick google search did not …

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Jul 28

The Saloons Versus Daily Telegram

Page 2 of the Telegram March 3, 1906

There was little that was temperate about the temperance movement. Anti-Saloon League members wanted to get the drink out of a barfly’s hands and replace it with a hymnal. Women might be allowed drink at home but at that time were not welcome in bars. Often medicines advertised as specifics for “Women’s Complaints” consisted largely …

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Jul 26

ELECTRIC BLINDNESS-Eminent Expert Says Electricity Will Make Of Us A Blind Nation.

The Telegram Semi-Weekly 1906

Strangely, it wasn’t founded to be a general interest newspaper. The early days of the Telegram consisted less of inspired journalism and more evangelical fervor. When the first edition published February 24, 1905 the Telegram was a semi-weekly, scolding readers and holding them to a righteous moral standard. I somehow doubt¬† there was much market …

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